1. ??? help me out honsty plz
    So I decided to take a risk and go on a hookup up with a guy ? but I was so afraid (due to ptsd) that I didn't kiss him lol but sucked him off ??. He said at one point "it'll last longer next time". What are the chances of hearing from him again lol

  2. You know I watch a lot of your videos and you seem to have trouble with men. Maybe it could be your type? I mean your very attractive and seem like an amazing person. But I think you should switch up your type lol. Hint hint hmu for a decent conversation and amazing laughs.

  3. Well I'm currently hooking up with a guy that's actually married!! ( to a woman) . And I'm honestly just helping him out y ? Simple bc she doesn't suck him off , but I do and I'm good at it ??

  4. Never should this story make me tear up! I mean I didn't cry, just a little watery eyed, but still! I felt your disappointment. I've actually had this happen to me YEEEEAAARS ago, and the guy is married with kids now. He reached out to me for the first time in 8 years and it didn't make me angry. It made me sad for him and his family. I'd never consider telling his wife. I just hope they both have happiness in life. So cheesy to say, but I mean it.

  5. Hello, Travis!
    I just binge watched all your videos I think. Damn I love them.
    Been in that same situation, I did not tell his gf. I just believe that it wasn't my place to say anyone anything, but to give him some advice and let him learn from it. Karma is a bitch, but we can always help someone without prejudices who clearly shows to be self-frustrated and not happy. Consequences to these acts can be a snowball effect and a little advice here and there with people can definitely do a big change in our community.

  6. I would of not contacted him and left him alone. I go through that here in San Antonio. As for his girlfriend, eventually she will find out one way or another. I wouldn't worry about it.

  7. No, I wouldn't have involved the girl. I'd feel sorry for her, so why make her life more miserable than it's apparently going to be staying with that guy. I think in my 20s, I would have tried to get back at the guy that way, but some how, in my 30s, I just figured that I was just as responsible for my role in the situation – staying with the guy when I knew something wasn't right – and just owned my part in it. Some times it's best to just move on to your next life's adventure as a smarter, wiser person … and to be thankful that the truth came out before I had emotionally invested myself further.

  8. Some guys can and do separate sexual acts from love, relationships, etc. To take that a step further, a lot of guys like to get off with other guys, but that doesn't mean they want to date one.

    The problem with the story Travis told is that "Jesus" was not honest with him about what to expect from their encounters other than an orgasm. At least Travis found out early on that he was not compatible with this guy and that there was no future whatsoever with him.

    Better luck next time, or better yet, just officially start dating Jack since its obvious to all the chemistry is there.

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