42 Replies to “Meet the Portwoods | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv”

  1. Amber has worrying anger issues she's lucky she has money/fame because there's people who get their kids taken away when a parent has mental health issues especially a one that involves serious mood swings and angry outbursts.

  2. I Can't Stand Amber If She Know What I Know She Bet Not Fuck 👊🏾With Chrissy if She Really Don't Want To See Crazy She Will Get Crazy if she knows What's Good for Her Period

  3. I like amber but i cant stand matt you can tell he is trash just living off amber she can never get herself a good man hell the only good man she probably had was Gary's fat ass lol

    OOOOOOOO insanely proud of Amber for FINALLY kicking that dead beat leechy loser to the curb! good riddance! Thank jesus she FINALLY opened her eyes and dumped that dead beat! YUCK

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