34 Replies to “Married Woman Diaries – Why God Why? | Ep 01 | S01 | New Web Series | Sony LIV | HD”

  1. This is crap… Shity depiction of married life. In India you live with your in laws and no one has so much privacy. Secondly no husband does so much decoration for his wife. You come back from work and cook. That's reality. And importantly if she is stand up comedy artist…. Why the Fuck is she ranting out her personal life on stage…. People don't come to comedy shows to listen to your bedroom stories. Wasted my time watching this glorification of married life.

  2. If your parents thought about complications of child then you aren't here to discuss this fuckin' topic. Your parents have such a big mistake to awoken that night. Bitch please ??

  3. People making stupid comments failing to realise the truth, congratulations there is no one so better than you….??
    Everyone loves it when a husband rants about his wife, but when its the vice versa nobody can tolerate?????
    Great people…???

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