26 Replies to “Married Woman Diaries | Secret Affair | Ep 07 | S01 | New Web Series | Sony LIV | HD”

  1. It's good but i wonder is she a stand up comedian or a person who is trying to destroy all kinds of relation ship by talking about it in public for no reason and making fun of it. No comedian will joke like that or will speak bad about men or women as she does it.

  2. I love the series (storywise)…. But hate the standup comedy scenes of the girl. She is a good actor but not a comedian.
    Don't just try to copy Seinfeld so bad…

  3. she is behaving like she doesn't need a man.she better have one doggy.very bakwaas story concept.this type of video is trying to say that "Be a man is crime".Bull shit video.now i m going too unsubscribe this shit channel.

  4. Y u don't upload n air it daily
    It will be rocking
    Please please daily episode for this …

    What say guys
    Show yr support by like the comment and reply on it.

    U hope Sony tv will listen this if it gets on top likes.

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