50 Replies to “Married to Al Qaeda, and Being “Ex-Muslim” (Yasmine Mohammed Pt. 1)”

  1. Her repeated use of the Word Conservative to describe Radical Islam was disturbing , not a word she should use here in America , especially as Conservatives are already the people attacked on college campuses .

  2. Oops! @18.00, she says Islam is far-Right. No. No, it's not. Islam is farther Left than even Communism. Islam is first and foremost an imperialistic (world conquest at any cost), totalitarian (it controls every aspect of life) political ideology, which makes it far-Left. The far-Right is Anarchy, which is no government/laws. The US was formed a little Left of far-Right, in order to give Americans the most rights, while protecting against chaos, and putting a sheriff in every town.

    Also, "Conservative" depends on what you are conserving, whether in politics, or dress style (Dave Rubin :), or whatever. In the US, the political understanding of Conservative means conserving the Constitution. In other countries, like the UK, it includes conserving the monarchy (which is, by its nature, Left-wing). It's best to use Left and Right. Bam. Done.

  3. Although I'm always happy to hear of someone breaking free of Islam, it saddens me that so many ex-Muslims become atheists. To me, true happiness can be found in Christ (not that I'm perfect by any stretch!), but the scars of such an experience must be horrendous. I'm glad that she was able to escape.

  4. Islam is a religous Mafia, and the crime boss is mohammed. It's a stand over religious body of thugs and assassins. From the very beginning it rules human lives by fear and threat. One is not and never was born a muslim. It is put upon you by stand over men that scare the very fabric of society and family in muslim countries.

  5. Let's keep in mind words like "conservative", "liberal", and "radical" have to be connected to what we are trying to conserve (ie "conservative" in the middle East is 180 degrees different than conservative in the U.S., because they are trying to "conserve" sharia law etc. ), what we allow or are free about (liberal toward; ie a society that is liberal towards the Nazi practice of putting Jews in concentration camps would be evil), and even the word "radical" should be salvaged from it's misuse: radical's etymological meaning is "to the root", so therefore something could be "radically good" or "radically evil"; it simply is determined by the source of something (i.e. the root) whether that something is a person, place, thing, or ideology.

  6. Alt- right is not actually right wing in any real way; it's just leftist identity politics (with whiteness being taught as superior instead of the common hierarchy of victimhood being pushed by modern leftists, allowing blacks and certain identity groups to think themselves superior to others just by belonging to these groups.) Both groups are obsessed with skin color, and they fail to accurately discuss the ideals and values this country was founded on; they are instead blinded by skin color, so they see nothing but it: therefore, both the alt – right and modern leftist doctrine are racist.

  7. You cant marry aqrda. its not a person dumb ass. and its allways a personal stuggle about me and an imsona joyeny. no facts. just me and my little story. and thats the whats known as an emosna aggment. wast of time

  8. wtf is she talking abaut far right muslims , i m on far right and a christian , i do not want to stone people , or killing them because they are gay , or cut off womans genitalies , all that sharia crap ! they are wahabis , islamist , terorist , goat fuckers , THEY ARE NOT FAR RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! In many parliaments in europe ,far right have many seats , are they like sharia preachers ? give me some fact abouth that !

  9. One good thing about the SJW camps is this actually encourages a real diversity in American politics, outside the over simplistic left-vs-right dichotomy

  10. It looks like she just clean shaved. and trying to hide with makeup. We Can still see the stuble bitch, i bet u need March 30 Gillette sensor Excell to fuck this ugly fat bitch. look at her explaining her self to these zionist whores. we Real muslims u Will never ever fool us we see trough u. We know your plan. Hollywood Can not brain wash the muslims the Real muslims.we know your agenda!

  11. A problem I have with Yasmine is that she refers to takfiri Muslims as “conservative.”

    She uses the word conservative the same way corporate media does. Conservatives in America champion freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, the freedom to own guns and freedom of self-defense. Observant Muslims want nothing to do with the U. S. Constitution. They intend to replace it with Sharia. She needs to call the Muslim Brotherhood what they are — religious supremacists with the intention of conquering every country by Jihad as instructed by the Qur’an.

  12. Loving Yasmine Mohammed If you want eternal life, repent to Jesus.

    8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

    Yohn 8: 32,36

    6:40 And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one that hath Son, seeing him, and believeth on him, hath everlasting life: and the last day shall I raise him up.

    Yohn 6:40

  13. She is very wrong when I heard her say, in the same way we keep Christianity out… that's the same way we should keep Islam out. Let us remember American founders were Christians. That is the problem with secularism. That's the reason America is falling. America and its people have forgotten it was their faith in Jesus Christ, in Christianity that they were a great nation. America, bring back Jesus Christ in your life and be great again.

  14. why more muslim women come out against opression like this women and come out against opressive practices agaist women.women must wake up and protest

  15. Absolutely no offense to the Islamic religion, however, it seems to me that one of the first vital fruits of the human spirit, is that of joy. Within Islamic orientations, anything that imparts joy (such as birthday celebrations, for example), are admonished. It comes as no surprise, that this absence of vital life-sustaining self, results in a very tense and angry soul. I understand that every concept can be a double-edged sword (i.e.: excess,), but to impart this fear upon everyone at large results in the darker side of the sword–lack of trust in individuals to come to their own balanced conclusions, If I pen down an animal out of fear of their worst potential, I can watch it die a slow death–or at worst–watch it desperately lash out, then execute it for that. I could have just as easily given it room to grow,—and through trust and lack of controlling–learned what I never thought was ever possible within my own limited sphere of understanding. I heard it said once, that inevitably, fear is at the core of all human reactions/decisions. It would seem true, if looked at most candidly…

  16. Another fake ex muslim on the zionist payroll. like Sarah haider and maryam namazie and the nasreen woman from bangla desh and the list goes on . There are too many dead giveaways, First of all the company she keeps which are all known islamophobes. And this Organisation of Ex muslims in Britain , and Canada and th Us and Australia is a joke.

    We dont hear of organization of ex christians or jews or hindus or bhuddists. But ex muslims is firmly established. THey all write books and give talks. The more shocking their tales the better it seems they think. And they use all the usual tools, ISIS, AL Qaeda, forced marriage, religious from an early age, know the Quran very well, female genital mutilation and the drivel goes on. These are just charlatans doing all this because of money. These are essentially neo atheists given the necessary training and give the standard manual and let loose on an unsuspecting public. All the banter is similar. The thing is the zionist scouts go hunting for this type of talent and these fakes are easily bought as they dont care about integrity , its just the money. I mean with all these zionist recruits including the so called academics like hitchens, dawkins , harris and such like, it has not diminished the interest in Islam but has actually increased it with the result that more and more people are becoming muslim. Just look at the net and listen to the stories of the reverts , especially european women who outnumber men as reverts to Islam. Now if the narratives of these fake ex muslim women was true then why is it not arresting the tide. despite the zionists putting in so much of financial resources into this project.

    This is the divide and weaken policy of the zionists against the Goyim. They think they have licked Christianity proper by helping to create the monster which is the judeo christian evangelical empire who are the close allies and humble servants of zionism. They have succeeded in marginalising the genuine christian church. Semitic jews are aalso being persecuted by these zionists in their own country. In India the zionists are busy with the ultra right wing nationalist hindu government . The hindu part is just a mask because hindu philosophy has never been in synch with zionism. The bhuddists are benign except of course for the first time in history we see bhuddist groups in Myanmar and sri lanka targeting muslims using pretext. This smacks of zionist money buying rogue bhuddist monks.

    Islam and muslims present them with the greatest resistance so they have created ISIS and AL qaeda to falsely create a narrative to give substance to their onslaught on muslims. It is no wonder that with their tight control on major media and western governments they use it to demonise muslims on an unprecented scale. Thinking people will realise that this is a strange new phenomena on the landscape which was absent no so long ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the very same muslims and the very same islam co existed with all aaand sundry. There are also too many false flag operations to strenghten this anti islam narrative to give it some kind of credibility.

    The fact is , these false flags have become so predictable that citizens of western countries are beginning to question it and analyze it There are too many unexplainable questions in these false flags and often times after the initial shock value it dies down and you hear little to no details soon after. You rarely if at all get a list of the so called victims and no funerals.

    So this yasmin character is part of this establishment and while she is taking the public on a merry ride, she is laughing all the way to the bank. One of the things you will notice is that all these establishment characters write books aaand they are marketed as bestsellers. They get onto the podiums of right wing think tanks etc and they get magazine coverage like time magazine for example and soon they have their own shows and so called foundations etc. All too familiar. Beware of these charlatans.

  17. At minute 13:40 she said her mom was the head of Islamic school at Al Azhar university in Egypt , well as far as I know to be the head of a department in a prestigious university such as Al Azhar University it takes long years of study , research and teaching as a professor which naturally means she was living and working in Egypt for long years to reach that position … but earlier at minute 13 she said her mom was living a Hippies life in USA with her dad and was a mother of three under the age of 30 !!! I find this suspicious .

    I don't really get her idea !! What is she trying to say !! It seems to me that she is very troubled . I am a muslim woman and I live in a Muslim country , there is no such thing as Islam oppression of women and girls not to mention the female circumcision thing that she hinted at , yes some people do it but it is not an "Islamic" ritual non muslim people do it in Africa , it is a cultural thing I guess .

  18. I really think that she was under conservative people that turned extreme without really understanding the Koran. Mohamed had history of that time but our society has progressed. I know many Christians that wear a head covering. This is associated with Islam now but actually is a garment from many cultures not just Islam.

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