10 Replies to “Married at First Sight: Confessions: Naked Truth (Season 4, Episode 10) | MAFS”

  1. Mr. Roberson, remember the letter I wrote you that gave you much conviction? I just wanted to add…
    I find your response to me to be very sad and disappointing. I have to say I actually expected you to NOT respond, but I thought I'd give you a chance to. If you can't respond to constructive criticism, I'm not sure how you are counseling anyone and expecting them to receive any advice you put forth. Deciding to block me instead of answering my question is such a cowardly, unprofessional, and not so Christ like way of approaching, once again constructive criticism. By your response I now know you did receive what I had to say and realized what I wrote was truth. Conviction is a hard thing to handle some times. I hope one day, maybe today accept this truth I've presented to you, God's truth and correct the error of your ways.

  2. Heather you're a frigid bitch you don't "love yourself" because when you have love you want to share it! You want to spread it! You want to receive it! Something hurt you and you are just as cold and tall as Mt Everest! Derek deserved more than you! I can't wait for him to find it and I hope he shares it with his fans who fell in love with the twinkle and the smile!

  3. Just heard she was from Hialeah!!! My husband and I got married on a ship, so we found a Methodist preacher in Hialeah to marry us! We even went to their church once! So Hialeah is a precious place to us! (Hey, you two … we've been married 29 years!)

  4. Tom, you are being a baby. Did she not give you a surprise for your birthday where you were radiating. We all get preoccupied with the other side of your life i.e. work and family.

  5. Nick he does not grasp how mean he was with that out burst! All I have to say Actions speak louder than words Nick!!! You have to do just that chase her tell her and show her it will never happen again.

  6. Okay, my thing with Lilly is that she probably shouldn't have signed up for this.
    Hear me out, don't misinterpret, I love Lilly and Tom. They are my favorite couple.
    No one is perfect but she has some deep unresolved issues with her dad and I think that she should've focused on working through it before she decided to marry a stranger because it really does strain the relationship.
    Tom barely knows her & vice versa but he constantly has to reassure her he's committed. I can understand that can be annoying especially when it's essentially with a stranger.
    But all in all, I really hope the best for them. I love them together ❤
    I hope Lillian feels better…

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