Married at First Sight: Confessions: For Richer or Poorer (Season 4, Episode 6) | MAFS

Married at First Sight: Confessions: For Richer or Poorer (Season 4, Episode 6) | MAFS

Intimate diary cams capture the couples’ adjustments to the real world after their honeymoons. #MarriedAtFirstSight Subscribe for more from Married at First …


23 Replies to “Married at First Sight: Confessions: For Richer or Poorer (Season 4, Episode 6) | MAFS”

  1. Tom should not have been afraid to show Lillian his bus, because he was willing to move to a house right away.  I just hope he doesn't want to go back to the bus.  He won't commit long term to Lillian and he doesn't want kids anytime soon.  Seems like , even though he is so affectionate to Lillian, he is thinking he may want to get out of the relationship.

  2. derek is extremely cool, he got matched up with a loser, I have many girls who would love him. need to get him on another episode as actually he rocked the show. know why, very mature, very honest & forthcoming, makes me mad to watch how he was treated. guess what derek, you will get better. believe me.

  3. So glad Derrick is free from that stone cold witch. Man, she can't even smile at people. I'd sure hate to get her as a waitress on a plane. Never seen such a critical, judgmental, cold person in my life. She needs serious therapy!!!

  4. Heather didn't want him from the get-go. She said she didn't like his getting high. He stopped. He said he didn't like her drinking at 10 in the morning, she topped off her glass. She didn't want to be married, she wanted a paid vacation and to get on TV.

  5. Heather is not into Derrick at all. She's not attracted to him. She was ignorant from the beginning. At the reception she showed it all. Don't touch me! Don't kiss me! What!
    There is no rectifying the marriage. Derrick you are a handsome man so don't go around comparing your looks to someone else's. Everytime they would do something together she will end up talking some mess like she's all in and then she ends up leaving him like in the cave she left them when they were surfing she was flirting with the surfer instructor holding his hand as if they were running off into the sunset lol with her no ass all hanging out that was trifling. She was very mean and disrespectful to Derrick. Heather is an attractive woman but her attitude is horrible. I love the show though. Can't wait for the next one.

  6. Both Derek and Heather send mixed messages. Derek had just said that he's lost all respect for Heather, he thinks that she's deceitful, cold, rude, judgmental, and he doesn't care anymore. Heather told her friend that Derek is a nice guy, he's funny, has a lot great qualities about him, and she can see why they were matched. They're both giving me whiplash they way they keep changing their minds of their opinion of each other. The name calling (Derek) and the blaming (Heather) gets you nowhere quickly. I just don't understand how it got to such a vicious place so quickly. It's best that they go their separate ways now.

  7. Derek gets his feelings hurt and tries to hurt Heather back. Heather reads into every mistake he makes as a character flaw that will never change. These are problems and habits that can be changed. It's a shame she is hesitant to do the work to get past these things. But if you don't have those happy, blissful moments to get you through those moments you want to strangle your spouse 😉 you don't have that foundation of trust to build on. It seems they think the worst of each other. He appears to be insecure, which is understandable if she is making every mistake a huge deal. They both need to put in the work. I hope they choose to.

  8. why is Heather even on this show if she didn't wanna try. looks to me she's not trying much at sll. a tiny slip and it's over? Dedrick should move on. I don't think any man is gonna make her happy. she needs to deal with her personal self issues first

  9. It seems like Heather was closed off from the beginning and waiting on any little slip up from Derek was going to be the excuse to try to walk away. Heather acts like her ish don't stank. eye roll

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