44 Replies to “Man Accidentally Confesses To Rape (VIDEO)”

  1. Both the girl and guy are idiots, plain and simple. If you're going to go to someone's house, get drunk, get naked on their bed, and ask to have sex, then you're asking for it. And then you cry when you've been assaulted.

    Should the guy have stopped? Yes he most definitely should have, but he didn't, and that's not surprising.

    Both are idiots, both don't deserve any sympathy. Let's create a society where we don't support whores and don't support rapists.

  2. Saying its okay does entitle you to have sex. IF you don't want to do it DON'T SAY ITS OKAY simple as that. I cannot set forth a VERBAL contract and then rescind it that's not how contracts work verbal or otherwise. The issue here is people are not thinking before they sign the dotted line and as such put themselves into a position that they don't want to be in. The result of this blatant lack of responsibility is the ruin of a mans life all because you couldn't stick with what you said. Or better yet think before you decide to say its okay to have sex.

  3. Come on man, I'm a nice guy. I'm not a rapist! She said no just before I was going in so I did it anyway……. That's what his cell mate will be saying to him…. and her friend should have got more than 9 months! I have no hope in our civilization anymore….SMH 🙁

  4. They should teach in schools about no meaning no and the consequences… I feel like some guys just think just cuz theyre already "in" and the girl says stop they can just keep going..

  5. I mean yeah I agree but "rape culture" doesn't exist… We live in a society where the vast majority of people understand consent and a minority who choose to ignore it…. nobody thinks this is normal behaviour even the asshole in the video, he knew what he was doing and when he was caught he played it down in the police video to make it seem as if he didn't know what he was doing, this is not indicative of normal peoples views and behaviour.

  6. Its kind of true though, i feel for the dude.. When i was young Ive had girls shove me off saying STOP, then they pull ME back in cause they change their mind they were just scared..it does happen, he was just too agressive.

  7. What a crock of shit 9 years my arse. The bitch says take my virginity and when he sticks his dick in her she says stop. Petty moralistic shit. Chenk would unload in the bitch just the same. The kid was set up.

  8. Todavia hay que seguir aclarando esto, cuando una mujer, dice que no, es no . Eso de creer que "todas las virgenes dicen que no ( porque tienen miedo porque duele) , y hay que cogerlas/violarlas a pesar de eso porque es asi como se desvirgan", es uno de los discursos mas recurrentes y retrogradas que hay , y les cuento que las mujeres dicen que no, hasta que se sienten realmente en confianza como para hacerlo, porque si flaco, duele, algunas mas otras menos, duele por mucho rato, y sangra tmb, y al ser algo tan sensible e intimo, queres , mas alla de todas las ganas que tengas de hacerlo y todo lo que puedas ponerte a transar y franelear con tu pareja , estar realmente lista , decidida, a hacerlo. No es tan dificil de entender ….y mucho menos si la loca esta en pedo que no puede mantenerse en pie!, este caso es un clarisimo ejemplo de lo normalizado que esta el abuso sexual hacia la mujer..

  9. Rape culture is a term invented to describe the situation in American prisons. You lefties have appropriated the term and completely distorted its meaning. If we lived in a rape culture, the police and prosecution would have agreed with this guy, not put him in prison.

  10. A bunch of angry feminist, there is no rape culture u don't want to get raped, have a strong mind ,be mentally mature if ur not sure about sex don't make leads to the bed and then change ur mind ,don't walk around in the street basically wearing panties, and don't act sexy when u ain't want it.stop being provocative if u really don't want the dick

  11. When I "lost my virginity", i waffled back and forth for hours. I never ONCE felt pressured by my partner. The decision was 100% mine, every second. And it did NOT hurt.

  12. Hope this guy gets gutted alive and gets his intestines shoved down his throat while he's alive still. While he's still choking, his stomach open, thrown into lava to finally be burned alive.

  13. So a girl can technically play "red light green light" by saying stop? If a girl says stop before starting and the guy stops then she follows it up by saying, "go ahead, I'm ready" then he goes inside her then she says, "no stop it hurts" so he stops but then shes like, "c'mon, keep going" and he goes back in and then she yells, "you're raping me". Does the guy in question get charged for rape? There are some lines that are really blurry and this is no exception.

  14. Im not being funny he could of raped her but, im my experience when me and my ex were both 16 i took her virginity, when i was going in she pushed my chest back and said stop, stop, stop. Which i did right, but it was only for 10 seconds or so because it was hurting her but after a breather i asked if she was fine and she relaxed and we continued, 0 Problems for the next 5 months. So i do understand what hes saying it could of been innocent so i wouldn't go screaming rapist straight off the bat all im saying.

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