34 Replies to “Mail Order Wife”

  1. scripted …..fake-ish not buying the story…interpreter seems phony….suddenly lichy speaks fine english… from not knowing one word to knowing lots of phrases. Smells like horsesh*t

  2. I am a expat of Thailand and Vietnam 49 years and what you are doing to her is so unequal that you are a joke dude. Marriage is a 50/50 prop, not I own your ass. You need a ladyboy asshole..

  3. Holy shit. I feel so bad for this poor woman. What is wrong with these guys. Also "DONT TOUCH MY PIG" And you not giving an asin girl a baby = madness. We're gonna take her to the boat because, you know, the implication …

  4. Damn that ugly fat guy is so superficial despite his physical appearance. Whether the girl is ugly or not she would definitely leave him for a hotter guy with a better job. I don't think any girl would feel "sorry" if he don't like them lmao. That Asian girl is going to find a hot guy and dump him in no time. Asians always have a back up plan. Never underestimate them for being stupid just cause they don't speak English. Many white men fail at realizing this and then get screwed over in the end. Asians are very smart. It's all about money to them.

  5. not because she cleaning and cooking call her slave.that's Asia woman are they know how to take care their man.not like American women or ureopian woman they Don't know how to take their man they can even make breakfast for their husband or partner.they very lazy.that's the truth.

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