35 Replies to “Madonna – Forbidden Love – Confessions Tour REACTION”

  1. This is my favorite song on The Confessions on A Dancefloor album!!! Please react to the the very next performance which is "Isaac". You will not be sorry!! Great job Landman!!!

  2. I love your reactions to her performances!
    A few of my suggestions:
    -„Hung Up” from The Confessions Tour
    -„Jump” from The Confessions Tour
    -„Like A Virgin” from The Confessions Tour
    -„Like It Or Not” from The Confessions Tour (yep, this tour was her best)
    -„I’m Addicted” from MDNA Tour
    -„Gang Bang” from MDNA Tour
    -„Erotic Candy Shop” from MDNA Tour
    -„Human Nature” from MDNA Tour
    -„Vogue” from Sticky&Sweet Tour
    -„Burning Up” from Rebel Heart Tour
    -„Miles Away” from Sticky&Sweet Tour
    -„Vogue” from MDNA Tour
    -„Isaac” from The Confessions Tour

  3. You need to understand this performance, the tatoo on those two guys, are the signs of Islam and Jewish religions, she's actually promoting Peace in Israel and Palestine!!!!!!

  4. Can you believe Madonna is celebrating her 60th birthday this August! I can’t believe it even though I’ve known what age she was since 1983 when I first heard her explode on to the music scene. Since then she has never looked back! We ❤️ u Madonna!

  5. U go beautiful, bearded and hunky bi-pridehottie /pridehottie, slay and rock to the Madonna-performance, bro! Creditz, keep it up and stay strong, humble, safe,cool, clean, gorgeous and wise too, handsome bro! 🌈 🌈 💎 🔥 ☺️ 😉 👌 ✌️ 🤙 🤘 💪

  6. Thanks for this reaction. It's one of my favourites songs of her. Please react to "Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven (Drowned World Tour)" or "Candy perfume Girl (Drowned World Tour)" because you didn't see her playing guitar like this.

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