36 Replies to “Kelly Clarkson Plays ‘Celebrity Confessions’”

  1. Why when a video of Adele is put up nobody mentions her weight at all, just how talented she is, but with Kelly itโ€™s all about her weight? She has a great voice, great personality, she is obviously happy. Her weight and her body is none of your business! Sheโ€™s a singer not a model. Itโ€™s not required for her to be a size 0.

  2. I like how she keeps saying she says horrible but like really?do you not know how actually not bad that is compared to what other celebrities have done? Or people in general

  3. I saw her at Neiman Marcus in Fort Worth at ridgmar mall, I was driving and saw her with two other women, probably mom and friend. I rolled down my window and very kindly asked, "hey, are you Kelly Clarkson?" she and her group looked at each other then looked back at me and Kelly said, no. I said well u sure do look like her. I went into Neimans the first staff member I spoke to immediately said, omg, you just missed Kelly Clarkson, she was in here shopping. I was so mad she lied to me, I was only going to say cool and aww I love u and your music have a great day and she straight up lied. I get she's probably careful and enough people give her compliments or whatever, but her lying about who she was… rude.

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