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  1. I watched the exposed video of the frost family secrets first time watching the show. What I was wondering is of you can do a show letting women know if all men are on the DL. Just asking for myself. I just be wondering if I be overthinking or what.

  2. Thanks for being transparent I am straight never winter anything other have much respect for your openness. Make sure your relationship with God is right and you good

  3. Among other things you are truly a gifted teller of the stories of life. Thank you for coming into mine. It's all the more richer to have you in it. Much Love and continued success and blessings from a new subscriber.

  4. Hi Jacob I want to start off by saying I love your videos and the information/tea you provide your viewers. I have come to love you as a person and would really like you to remain Jacob not Jessica. I do know that it is your preference and your choice of whom you want to be but I feel you are more YOU as a gay man.. No Judging. By representing the LGBT community as a gay male you still stand in your truth and don't have to change who you are to show this by becoming Jessica. I am a heterosexual married woman who has a lesbian daughter whom I love very much so I do not have any prejudiceness toward the LGBT community. Actually I took a course in college so that I can learn to relate with my daughter and others who are in the life. Just wanted to show some love and let you know I'm happy to see you're back.

  5. I'm heartbroken asf, I just watched you for the first time interviewing Jahdiah and thought you were so fine😒😍 I didn't know you didn't like what's in my pantiesπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”

  6. PLEASE don't get me wrong I've been a fan of urs since u made ur movie bout the 16yo teen girl and relationship with her mom. #longtime fan. I respect u for who u are & who u choose to be. Be u!! I'm ol' skool…it just hurts me seeing u in makeup & wigs. If it's bout #numbers for #utube to make ur #coins…do u to make that $$. I feel I'm personally connected to you for many many years. I tear 😒 😒 up when i see you in this. I will continue to support u fully im just expressing my feelings that i been holding in when I seen u come back with #MSJESSICA!! much love much respect #onelove bigup yuh self mi frend #1fan

  7. You are So Honest, such a sweet hear….your approach is very Modest to say the least your preferrence Super fine mind yiu beatiful lips and teeth cute, mind you im myself am Hederal Live you are also well rounded in yiur demenor and Not Bitter as i know personal trans from Long Beach Ca who are still in denial but have been in that life for more than 2oty years they like to get physical when you mention the gender if not reconized by others or use the trans new names…i didnt get it. The Anger so we no longer speak or associate for sure. Appreciate your Honesty and Maturity due to state, You are fun in a wonderful personality without all the bitterness towards others Headerals by Bglt did i state right…you speak very, WELL SPOKEN too! REAL 😚 Funny interesting later.

  8. Hey love you for you…do your thang…live your life…I want to know about Jessica. I dont Agree with LBJ's but don't want you to live a lie. That's what hurts people. So that's why I love you..plus you are cute…..I don't judge….

  9. Enjoying getting to know you backwards Jacob Jessica Jacob lol..you are so well spoken and quite intriguing and that's from just a cool and laidback hetero lady πŸŽ€ me. Lol Keep doing you…πŸ€—

  10. I have a question to the community:it's gonna be long, I'm sorry in advance: why a gay man being married with another gay man who happens to be from my nationality (I'm both Belgian-Moroccan) is bitching me: story: , we both go to the same University (evening forpeople working) that's a chance some universities in Belgium give us… from the beginning, day 1, I got "'you work once a month", meaning I don't work, while I do work my ass off (geopolitics), but just want to upgrade, than I asked him once for a cigaret,, "don't you work", meaning you're not able to buy your own, I said nothing and bought him a pack of cigarets (this was my message), in between, he has issues at work with women, I happen to be a woman, I did nothing to him,protect him with teachers, saying he's doing his work for University (since he decided to team up with me, since he found nobody else, but I was fine with it), still now I don't get why a shamed me as hell in front of all my University mate, while I'm covering him, I didn't care he is gay, I didn't care with whom he was married to, I found some solution even to help him how to behave at work to avoid any "bye boy get a new job", he became bitchier, never understood, and I have asked him to have a normal talk, I'm 45 (but apparently look 30-35), he's 52, we are both Virgo, we both have some artistic connection…. he never wanted to have that talk…..it happened around the same period I lost the "love of my life" George MIchael, started to have nightmares, how can you be a LOVELY (George Michael fan base) and hate gay people at the same time? Feel free to answer, yep we are supposed to be grown up, but look at this ish! all answer are ok, even cursing me it's ok

  11. Thank you for being able to come out and live YOUR TRUTH!! Being able toΒ express and liveΒ who you truly are is a major milestone and can lift so much weight off of your shoulders! Much LUV!!!

  12. I wondered why you switched up. But I will tell you as I told my brother and my daughter be who you are and be fearless. I just want you to be super happy! Love and living life 😘 we all go through a process.

  13. Wow what a story, very real and inspiring. It took alot to come out of your comfort zone. But if you hadn't you would've been able to be who you were really meant to be. And I commend you so much. I heard alot od similarities in your story. You are truly a very beautiful person not just outwardly but inwardly as well. Stay bless and stay true to to thine self always.❀❀

  14. Keep living fearlessly. Thank u for being honest. I'm just two years older than u. I came out in 2006 and it was difficult but I feel like women have an easier time so I can only imagine how a young man would have it. But us being POC it's hard for the family to accept

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