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  1. I only have one problem with what you are saying. I have heard this all my life so I have a few questions. !. How do you put puberty on hold till you get married. 2. When you start burning should you run out and find the first woman or man if you are woman that will marry so you can releave yourself and stay within scripture though you don't really love the person or visa versa. 3. How do you help a person focus when they are burning. God gave puberty for a reason. So yes maybe masterbation is wrong. But God gives us a way to escape and man tries to put a damper on it by puting an age limit on it. To young. At a certain a child should be preparing for adult hood. The big teens. Mary Jesus mother was about 15 or 16yrs old. To old. Some people think after a certain age people should not be thinking about sex. Remember Abraham was having kids after he had Isaac at 100yrs old not retiring. Age gape. I don't think King David and King Solomon was marrying old bitties in their old age. So at a certain age we should be teaching our kids about family and life. So they can be ready at puberty. And maybe that will cut down on abortions and sex out of wedlock and also masterbation. Because the burn will be going in the right direction especially with a good family and good God family teaching headed up by prayer

  2. The Biblical solution is simply to get married.

    Something the Roman Catholic Church forbids in their own clergy.

    This explains their high levels of sexual deviancy.

    The Roman Catholic Church is behind the rise of same sex unions and openly support such abominations.

    They also promote that single women achieve more.

    This openly promotes the destruction of the family.

    This leads to unnatural affection and going after strange flesh.

    Come out from among this whore and be not partakers of her plagues or sins.

    What fellowship has light with darkness, or God with belial?

  3. My opinion of this video is one that you're not going to like. The issue with this particular subject is that a is not being talked about enough. The issue 2 with this particular subject is that we put so much emphasis on not doing it we actually are teaching people teenagers 20 year olds and 30 year olds who are still not married that they need to suppress there God getting sexual desires. And that causes a lot of problems if you suppress something for a long. Of time without it being used it could come back to bite you. I am in the middle and this conversation. I do not believe that a man should be doing it every single day or whatever he wants to do it. But if a guy can do it in a healthy way without lusting after a woman or watching p*** I am okay with it.

  4. Yes it is a sin, a bad one too. Just put it this way; did Emanuel or His disciples ever masturbated? The answer is No, they did not. So there is your answer. Easy.

  5. You know what happens to a car that never gets driven? It slowly deteriorates and its performance capabilities diminish over time. Same thing with the male reproductive system. If you don't turn those gears and circulate those fluids once in a while, it's gonna be bad.

    I've been a Christian since my teens, but I refuse to sacrifice my sexual and mental health over an abstract and outdated doctrine.

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  7. Yeees, let's be dependent on another person to get sexual gratification. It's not like being relaxed because you know you can always get yourself off leads to better intimacy.
    Instead of being "addicted" to masturbation, let's be addicted to the guilt cycle of Christianity. Yes, that makes a lot more sense. And of course Christianity wants to be your only addiction, to consume as much of your energy as possible. It's basically heroin getting pissed and jealous because I'm smoking a joint.

  8. WHERE'S THE GUILT??? GOD SAID BE GUILTY!!! If mastication is ok, why not allow sussex between a man and a non-wife white churchgoer. (Obv you cant sussex a heathen). Mastemblation is a tool of SATAN to make good CATLICKS go straight to the down there fire hole (H*LL). I HAVE NEVER EVEN looked AT MY DECK, AND I WILL NEEEEEVER TOUCH IT until GOD does FIRST. THAT IS God must touch HIS BALLPEEN, not my BALLPEEN, that would be homoicicles. I am still unsure if the pergyno is evil, but i think so as my boyhood priest said to fear the yanni, and never tell

  9. Masturbation is wrong – just like adultery.homosexual sex,lesbian sex ,beastiality sex is wrong – for they all degrade you from the reason you were created.They turn you into a human animal. Mentally insane houses are full of them.

  10. THE IDEAL: Marrying a Spirit-filled woman,that loves Christ more than she loves you -and wants to obey His Word in being a Christian submissive wife,who is willing to learn whatever is necessary to keep her husband sexually satisfied – to where he is not at all tempted to be unfaithful or watch porn on the internet. Every level headed guy wants to marry a woman like this.But there are still jerks around who prefer a trashy woman they can slap around and be unfaithful to. And there really are actually nutcase women that prefer a man like this. Pain freaks.

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