27 Replies to “Interracial Marriage – We Don’t Know Each Other!”

  1. Don't feel bad I like Baby Metal, Band Maid and other J-Pop bands. I play music myself and have my own band and recording studio. I like to hear other music around the world. When I spent time in Japan I got to know a lot of this culture and made many friends in this music. A lot of young girls I know and kinda creepy all the older Japanese guys that follow it. But I am not that way, I just love music and respect other cultures. Some of these bands are really good.

  2. Laowhy86,

    I wanted to say I enjoy watching your videos. Vivi personality reminds me much of my wife's who was born and raised in Shenzhen. Many of the diffreance and dynamics of your marriage seems to be spot on and easy to relate to when looking at Xindi and I marriage.

    Hope you keep up with the videos and I just wanted to say thanks for the good entertainment.

  3. I think the difficulties that are close to being exclusively intercultural (just because there are some differences that can't be attributed to culture like being a picky eater) gift giving: for Asians, money is an awesome present while in my husband's midwestern upbringing it can be seen as thoughtless…yet somehow gift cards aren't. Living in America, there's also being around people who carry that "taking our women/men" mentality. There are a lot of regional culture subsets in America as well, so despite both my husband and I being American (tho ethnically, I'm Filipino) there's a pretty big difference between Chicago suburbs and the SE side of San Antonio. It's like trying to get a movie collaboration between John Hughes and John Singleton.

  4. My first wife was to a Beijing girl and the current one from Guangdong. I can say maybe itโ€™s mean but the women from the South are much more warm hearted, maybe the North is more cosmopolitan but the south is more down to earth.

  5. I love you all guys! You are so funny! C-Milk, Prozzie and Vivi! C-Milk, Vivi must love you very much after waiting one and a half hours, eating all the KFC and been hangover! Awesome!

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