Infidelity – She Knows He Cheated Why Does She Stay? Deborrah Cooper

Infidelity – She Knows He Cheated Why Does She Stay? Deborrah Cooper

Part two of the 2-video series addressing cheating men and how women handle it. Why do some women pack and leave immediately, while others stick around to try to save the relationship? What…


22 Replies to “Infidelity – She Knows He Cheated Why Does She Stay? Deborrah Cooper”

  1. By the way, the former BFF was White….and I saw her get played REPEATEDLY by knigges…..go figure. But she also made a pig of herself when it came to BM….she lost her mother early on in her life and thus had no one to "school" her, although I tried…..I was young myself, but I still had more sense than she. But, according to her, I "hated men" because I tried to show her the "red flags" she refused to see….ah well….

  2. Deborrah….ain't NOTHING like seeing your own Mom and your (former) BFF….bond over their "love" for knigges that wound up cheating on them BOTH! Yeah, you read that right. I witnessed this several years ago and actually walked away from the both of them, "kiki"-ing it up over how "good" their men were in bed. It turned my stomach…but, of course, they were condescending to "poor ol' single" Diosa. Unfortunately, I was around to witness the former BFF get done hella dirty by her dude (even to the point of siring a child with his side-chick and the former BFF raising the kid after the side-chick didn't wanna take care of him anymore and dumped him off to his father) AND…..during the final years of my mother's life after she'd been diagnosed with end-stage COPD, I watched as her boyfriend went and got a side-chick to tend to his "needs" — as my mom could no longer do so. I wanted to toss his raggedy arse out onto the street — she'd begged me not to, 'cos she still cared for him. The last Christmas my Mom spent on this earth (2013) — she called his cell phone and BEGGED him to come home and spend the holidays with her. He did not. She passed away just before Thanksgiving 2014. Seriously, ladies…..DON'T do this BS. You DESERVE BETTER!!!!!!

  3. Talking about competition I delt with this with my daughter's father SUGAR MAMA she 60 he 44. I decided to not deal with the situation anymore Sugar mama can have his ass. I'm done I refuse to compete.

  4. I’ve never understood making excuses for a man who cheats. Men will brag about being the stronger, more intelligent sex, but have no control over their loins? That sounds absolutely ridiculous. Women meet men who are better looking and richer than their man all the time and don’t cheat. Don’t make excuses for these unevolved fools.

  5. These stories make my head hurt…I just will NEVER understand why so many women ALLOW themselves to suffer so much for a man..I guess I'm just from another Planet cause I don't get it..I never have and never will…

  6. From what I've noticed is that these women don't want to be alone. Plus they like to keep up appearances. However, they are miserable with the person and it is confusing. I just feel like we get raised to stay and suffer. I'm not the damn one. It will kill you to do that.

  7. I know he's cheating, I'm out. If I don't share my man, I sure as hell don't want to share baby daddy, headaches, his STD's, and the rest of the bull that ain't worth going thru for some chump who can't stick with one woman at a time.

  8. Now a days you have to worry about who these people are cheating with, they can be El Loco and next thing you know she (or he) is stalking you and trying to get you fired from your job.

  9. I was always told that most husbands,  who are inclined to cheat,  will wait until the woman has a child or two.  This way the woman is more likely to stay  for those dependents.  She may not stay forever, but I've know men and women who would 'hang in there' to see if anything changes because they don't have the financial means to just take off,  especially if they have children.

  10. I love your video's Deb. I have thought like you forever. The first thing I would do is call the other woman. Why? To ask her when she's coming to get him and his sh*t. He's her problem now. I don't have time to wonder where some nig-nog is going every time he leaves the house. And this is not hypothetical for me, I actually handled this same situation very similarly except she couldn't come get his ass cause she was married, so I just put him out.

  11. Thank you for the great videos. I really appreciate the time & healing energy that you share. I've heard women in my lifetime express the same thoughts as the woman in the beginning of the video. There are women that think men can't not cheat. You explained in your previous video, that men can discipline themselves on other levels, why not in relationships. Like you always say; it's about loving yourself. Period.

  12. Lol my husband of 18 years asked me yesterday if I would be like those women who fight to hold onto their husbands. I said no. I don't believe in fighting over men. Lol he was actually surprised at my response. I feel Iike after 18 years I paid my dues. I've established my career, my money is straight and I've kept up my looks. I'll be OK. I'm only concerned for our child. I told him I would give him full custody while I paid child support because I'm not about to waste money on lawyers fighting for child support. We all know most men will withhold child support out of spite. He said wow you really thought this threw. I said yes. Don't get me wrong I do love my husband but I'm not going to leave myself vulnerable.

  13. I was in a situation like that with a really dark black woman talking about how happy she was her baby was almost white in front of a bunch of white folks. I could not get away fast enough for the shame.

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