30 Replies to “I MARRIED A SCAMMER !! Exclusive HD Documentary with subtitles”

  1. I feel horrible for that woman. I know the feeling of being scammed for money and the trust that is destroyed by it… I could not imagine how it would destroy ALL trust to be scammed so wholey and completely. Heart, mind, soul, and money.. Of course.
    You handled her very nicely and sounded sympathetic. If she had to find out, she should be glad it was you. I wonder if she has family and how they feel.

  2. Mr. Pricky the best news you can now give us is that the Moron is behind bars till his last day on earth. That would be a great wrap. We wait. The gall!

  3. Listening to the end of this clip when Angela talks I think she is also a victim here and I think this “Mohammed” is telling stories to what suits him to Angela , I don’t believe this guy was working for anyone else in this scam but himself…that’s my opinion anyway.

  4. I sent my representative….erm you mean the old woman you married to try to gain entry into the UK in order to scam more of our vulnerable people

  5. ffs I just googled this pair and it is him on the picture , in the newspaper article they said they couldn’t keep their hands off each other ….EEEEWW!! 🤮
    Look I’m all for true love no matter where someone comes from but clearly this lad is looking for UK residence and I thought he would actually be entitled to that once they married but the UK government k ow want he’s up to , he’d be scamming so many once he got his residency , so good call by the UK government on this one 👍

  6. This old as dirt lady is not the victim! Old people are slick, they have been around way more then us. She know what is going on with her husband. She's a child molester!


  8. Although the subject of your phone with Angela was a bit heartbreaking, I think you made handled the whole situation impeccably. On a side note, do you and your friends use your scam baiting aliases in real life?

  9. Mr Prickey strickes again!!! Excellent job!! Did that fool get arrested? What did his wife do after she found out that her no good husband set her up? He makes me want to go to Nigeria and set fire to his Ass!!!

  10. Another sensational bait and an absolutely superb video edit by Alex. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to, and watching, the entire video. Please don't ever stop doing what you're doing! 🙂

  11. Keep up the great job Mr. Pricky. I recently received a call from the IRS here in the US that I'm going to be arrested soon if I don't send them money. In the form of iTunes gift card. LOL

  12. @ScamBait Central – You and your team continue to operate in a league of your own, great work! While I appreciate you giving Angela the benefit of the doubt, i can't help but be concerned she was willing to deposit the 14,200 pounds into her own account and took a company taxi on such a "errand". Yes, I do think she was a victim of that scum initially but you know how people, especially spouses, can be brought into an alternate lifestyle. Nevertheless, I hope you are correct in assuming her complete innocence.

  13. I knew an older lady that I helped occasionally, i would clean her home, run errands amongst other things. When she was 60 she had met a man 30 years her junior, within a few weeks they were engaged. I took a walk over to her apartment to meet him and bring a small congratulations cake. As I was walking over, 3 men in a car pulled up to me trying to get me to go with them, being completely perverted and saying outrageously rude things to me. I quickly walked away and I was pretty scared, I walked into that ladies house about 15 mins later and Yup you guessed it sitting there were those 3 men. They almost shit a brick when I walked in…to be honest so did I. Long story short, she married him although it was obvious to everyone but her that he wanted his green card. After the wedding ceremony he left and she only heard from that scum again when he came back three months later and took what little she had and left again never to be heard from again. My husband and I separated about 4 years ago and I've met some real jerks…so I can see how you can fall for some bull if someone treats you well and sweeps you off your feet. Let this be a lesson to us all…always listen to that inner voice and if that's not talking then listen to your friends and family. They can see what we may be blind to!!

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