I like to be tied up …

I like to be tied up …

I like to be tied up. I am a virgin, but I know that I like to be tied up. I have experimented with my other GIRL friends, and I really like it. I like to be smacked around a little too. Everyone tells me I’m a kinky lesbo, but I’m not a lesbo, I just like girls too. My mom tells me I’m a slut, but I have only experienced anything with girls, and only my close friends, so how does that make me a slut? I’ve been thinking about fucking this guy in my gym class, and he is totally willing, but he has a girlfriend, and I’m scared. I’ve never done anything with anyone other than my chicks. If my mom knew I was gonna fuck him next weekend at our friends house, she’d kill me. My friends don’t even know that I am planning this. I hope I get cautght. The rush of it!

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