I Hate Lying!

I Hate Lying!

I\’m a 17-year-old gay girl who has recently moved away from home to start university.
After years of repressing my sexuality and going out with girls in secret I\’ve finally met someone who I care about so much, I\’m considering coming out to my family and friends. I\’ve told about 6 of my friends and they\’ve all been so nice about it, really supportive and understanding.

I\’m so happy with my girlfriend I want to be able to share this with my family – I know they\’d be happy for me and love me no matter what. The only thing is, I broached the subject with my girlfriend the other day to get her perspective on it and she was horrified. She\’s twenty-four and has always felt a little uncomfortable with our age gap.

Now she\’s saying she\’s terrified of meeting my parents because they\’ll think she\’s \’corrupted me\’. I want to do the right thing and I\’m fed up of living a lie, but at the same time I\’ve got to respect my girl\’s wishes.

I don\’t want to hurt or lie to the people I love.

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