How One Couple’s Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY

How One Couple’s Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Last September, Wisconsin couple Heidi and Corey Sorrem went to a Mexican resort to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. On Megyn Kelly TODAY, they …


22 Replies to “How One Couple’s Dream Vacation In Mexico Turned Into A Nightmare | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. I've been to Cabo, Puerto villarta, mazatlan and Cancun on vacation. Never had any issues. The one rule i have is I only drink something that is sealed and I open it or if i personally bought it sealed myself. Liquor soda water….anything.

  2. I was hoping the investigative reporter would know what was going on, but apparently doesn't. Did she just report people's stories and not draw any conclusions? I don't get it.

  3. What is going on is home made alcohol. Alcohol is super expensive there and the government is super corrupt so they charge crazy taxes because of cartels etc. This is why alcohol is so heavily regulated in Canada and USA. The distilling process is very exact science and can go horribly wrong and make people sick. Someone did not taint their drink, it is the home made alcohol that was not distilled properly. Aaaaaand that reporter is a pulitzer prize winner?? Sheesh she can barely talk and gives no information.

  4. Been to Cancun…saw an american tourist chased down by group of local thugs..whn he ran into the lobby of our 5 star hotel he was told to go to police sration which by the way would put him face 2 face w thugs…he had to run twrds them ..what a joke…btw police drive geos there…so go at ur own risk🙈💩🍸

  5. What is it with you Megyn with this misleading reports?? Is there a conspiracy against my country? Please be objective and show bigger and more serious investigations. Let me tell you that thousands of americans peacefully vacation and many more reside in Mexico. Maybe it has to do with the uncontrollable way some drink. We all have seen those people. Nothing like that has ever happened to me or anybody I know. Weird ah?

  6. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. With that said, I WILL NEVER VACATION IN MEXICO. I won’t vacation in any communist/socialist/democratic country period.

  7. They spiked their drinks on purpose! Afterward proceeded to injury them to the point where emergency surgery would be required!!!
    This is their CON!!!!! STAY IN THE USA!!!!!!

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