50 Replies to “How Do Homeless Women Cope With Their Periods? | NSFWomen”

  1. These women need to be helped and taken off the street somehow. I would like to see someone at the White House, to come up with a way that homeless people can be employed. Most can't be, because they have no address.

  2. I couldn’t imagine what these women have to go through. I know personally when I’m on my period, if I don’t have medication my cramps are unbearable to the point where I can’t move out of my bed. I know there’s probably women out on the street who suffer like this and I just pray for them. They are such strong women.

  3. America is a dog hole. unbelievable. I am so proud of my country and it is the best in the world which is Great Britain. America should get sanction for non equality and human rights violation. what right do they have to talk about other countries.

  4. For all of those people wondering how they're not getting raped when they fall asleep,That's why they have dogs. To guard them. There your question is answered. And,no,I have NO CLUE how they take care of their dogs.

  5. I feel sad from other side of the world. US the economic super power has youngsters on roads as homeless… here in india diasbled people or if there is some real problem for them to physically work. reason being the bad healthcare sector. but if you are in good shape and health you got your meal. All you people please come to india and enjoy life. you can get $0.31a good meal. and mostly you'll be given good work as you have good english.

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