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  1. My dream is going to a salon that doesn't mind blowing out my hair – like a "whole process" which entails color/wash/blowdry..my hair is long and on the thick side and 2 stylists I've gone to send me out the door with sopping wet hair. I get jealous of people who get their hair dried at the end. Plus I'm charged for all the services – paid really good money.. I don't understand some NH stylists.

  2. Hello! Much love from a Colorado hairstylist I loved this video. I haven’t been doing hair for but like three years so not long and I loved the advice on something’s and the clarification on others. I also think you handled yourself very gracefully while still addressing all the important topics :))

  3. i had a blonde specialist do my hair ask for full head to know she did half and got over charged then blamed me for a massive orange chunk underneath my hair. told he ri had bands in my hair to then still have that blamed in regrowth then she blocked me on everything.

  4. It's a bit insensitive to assume that when someone finds out their flight is delayed there are a lot more important things running through someone's mind than (in context) insignificant appointment in the grand scheme of things. Not saying the client responding in a mature way but she was probably quite flustered and annoyed.

  5. This is not only abour hair dresser- client relation, it's a human- human thing… You have got an appointment- you stick to it. You have a really good reason not to come- you advise in time and apologize. It's all about education….You are such a lovely person!

  6. Wow. I️ like your videos and think you’re great, but you kind of made it seem like you felt it was ok for your booking assistant to speak to a client the way she did. Regardless of how impolite and inconsiderate the client is, there’s absolutely no reason to speak to her that way. It shows a complete lack of professionalism. Perhaps it would have been better to politely request more notice next time she is unable to make it to an appointment, but leave it at that. In the service industry, professionalism and customer service are extremely important. You both have jobs because of your clientele, so alienating them (no matter how rude they are) is just shooting yourself in the foot…..BUT, I️ sure as hell wouldn’t have been asking her how she was doing at the airport. That was pretty narcissistic of her.

  7. I totally understand you! The hardest job is when you work with ppl. All ppl are different. So, I absolutely agree with you. Hair stylist are even great Psychologists, too! 😂Thanks for the great upload👌❣ BTW, I ♥ your Army Jacket😉 Cheers =)

  8. I have been learning SOOOO much from watching your videos! Thank you for being so brutally honest. I guess its easier to be honest when you are on the internet and not talking directly to someone and afraid to hurt their feelings.

    My best friend from high school and through college is a cosmetologist, and although she would advise me, use me as a hair model, give me a lot of free services when practicing things, etc, I now realizes she probably held back a LOT. When we moved to opposite ends of the country I was devastated and my hair showed it. Then my brother-in-law got a stylist girl friend and for a few years my hair looked awesome again for a few years, but they broke up, and her shop is really far away.

    Thankfully I found someone who is a color genius, but IDK about the cut yet. I also had other friends through the years who were stylists, and I always thought I could ask anything, but never heard anything as honest and informative as these videos.

    Thanks! You are awesome!

  9. Just one tid bit that didn’t make sense, planes can DEFINITELY get delayed in the air/get delayed in landing. Obviously this woman in this circumstance just sounded inconsiderate but when it does come to plane delays you don’t always know and when you find out sometimes it is in the air when your phone is unavailable to ground service 😞

  10. Hmm I know you said respect peoples time but honestly how you explained how the booking girl spoke to your customer I can see how she was angry. She needs to learn customer service and if this was the first time the customer did this at least give the benefit of the doubt. I think instead of laughing about this customer in your video you should of had a serious talk with the booking girl on how to speak to angry and unhappy customers first. In the long run they are your source of income and do grow your business.

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