28 Replies to “God’s Guide for Marriage – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice”

  1. That's why don't choose between love and hate; you might stock like me but I choose it because I didn't know if I pray GOD'S can hear us. Now I am scare to pray about everything, I just pray JESUS CHRIST PRAYERS! Even somebody will say; they want to hear what I pray about, cannot. Only prayer of JESUS CHRIST I know!

  2. We married because we don't know how to cut out our own flesh, we can pass all the 10 commandment but only one thing we cannot pass is our own flesh that's why married and experience it and learn, if between love and hate; words might say; stop don't even try many times like you try at Patmos! If it says stop and you arguing you will still stay at Narnia dark world mix in 3 way pass unto your children again but if not arguing can be free and wait on GOD'S WILL ONLY to see real connection between love and love. If GOD put two people together only HIM will separate them.

  3. Here I am Lord, am ready now… in my waiting, I was kinda saying until am ready and the perfectionist in me keep telling not ready.. o Lord I will be good as we go along.. just ready this way

  4. That was very true I wish I would've been straight head known this ahead of time was straight headed no excuses or nothing but my illness was driving me crazy and we both had a lot of learning to do I'm glad to hear this because it makes alot of sense and does lead you to a victory of a strong marriage thank you that message helps and puts me on level ground it told me alot thank you again god bless you🙂

  5. god knows that we are not perfect if you make a mistake but it's not intentionally then we are forgiven through Jesus Christ . now as for your husband you might think he doesn't believe in God but remember one thing God knows his thoughts you might be surprised he might tell you that he doesn't believe in God but in this heart of mine he does like I said only God knows him and as for your sins if you believe in Jesus Christ and don't sin again then you are forgiven don't dwell on the past take each day as if it was your last day and always put God first in your life through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and don't worry about your husband he'll be fine keep praying for him that's all you can do and I hope these words conference your heart and mind leave everything up to God through Jesus Christ have faith amen

  6. Been married x2 outside of Christ. Both marriages came to and end. Now I can look back and know I was looking for a fairytale love because I never received this as a child growing up. Now that I’m born again and Christ is the centre of my life. Most wonderful gift from God above to live in his righteousness and be free from all condemnation.

  7. Really a stunning advice for me on behalf of what Christian outlook is regarding a Husband & Wife relationship is ….! Really Great ….Oh ..! How i wish I were born a Christian …..Bless me Christ …

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