35 Replies to “Giving Bad News To A Stroke Victim’s Wife | Confessions Of A Junior Doctor”

  1. My prayers are with them, I saw myself all over again in the ER. My Husband at the age of 34 died of a stroke while coaching our Son basketball game. Live and love to the fullest!❤️

  2. I really feel lucky that my father was able to recover from 2 strokes with very minor side effects. He has diabetes and kidney failure too, but he keeps pushing through. I'm so grateful <3

  3. God bless this family…same thing happened to my Mum, she survived for another 5 years. My Nana wasn't so lucky, stroke took her in a few days. This effects everyone in the family, the patient is exactly aware of what's happened.

  4. She is wrong having emotions is a good thing in that situation when my doctor came in without a care it actually filled me with anger. I didn't want cookie cutter replies like I'm so sorry or ill sit with you making you feel like you're wasting their time.

  5. They learn how to do it by doing it. It must be hard, right out of the gate. And for the most part, doctors and nurses are great, good people who do good things every day.

  6. Its heartbreaking that this woman has lost so many loved ones in a short period of time. My dad works in an ICU in London and I can’t imagine how stressful it must be.

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