41 Replies to “Girlfriend Sister Flirting? | Delhi girls open talk | Quick Reaction Team”

  1. Hey Pranoy! I have a younger brother who was in all boys school till X and now is in coed. so he is now texting a girl, I guess he kinda likes her, and of course he is being very despo about that girl. what should I do? should I just let him deal with this or should I stop him and ask him to concentrate on his studies.
    P.s.: the girl isn't reciprocating that much.

  2. One question un sab se jo kahte mje kro dono ke sath gf n gf sis. Unkna question he ki jo gf he wo tum ho n gf sis hai wo tumari sis now tell me wt to do bf ? Dono ke sath mje krw ya ny ?

  3. We always talks abt girlfriend or boyfriend but we nvr talk abt lyf partner. Means boys love a hot sexy girl but then when it comes to marry, why do boys say no or prefer anyone else ?

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