Get Off The Computer

Get Off The Computer

was on iChat with a coworker. We were working out the last details for a presentation we have tomorrow. The whole ‘web-cam, iChat’ thing is a new concept for me.
I was busily typing some notes we just discussed and it had been a while since we had said anything to each other. Just then my wife walked in to tell me that she was going to bed – she was completely naked. She said that if I would get off of the computer, she would get me off in bed.

Suddenly, over the speakers, my coworker blurted, ‘Oh my God!’

I swear that I had completely forgotten about the camera being on. My wife thinks I set her up. I honest did not.

I didn’t help when Brent said, ‘Nice tits, Amanda. (She and Brent know each other).

I can only imagine what will be said at the office tomorrow.

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