41 Replies to “Future – Used to This ft. Drake”

  1. I know my comment wont get read or answer by lots people. But I am rapper who does not cuss and my rap sound/style would seek your attention. I have more to offer but right now I need you. Music brings us closer like family, my music is to make that family. The same way you support me is the same way I will support you.. 1luv, together we will change the earth one step at a time.

  2. Sounds like dying robots i swear this is not rap stupid ass people talking about drugs money cars thats all stupid shit this is dumb other people rapping about life when these stupid people always using weird ass sounds like skkrrt and molly and dope i swear if you say im rich skkrtt people will call that rap so stupid fool

  3. This shit still a banger classic Future Hendrix my ATL Niggas Stand Up FBG I have actually partied with Esco and Future at KOD both First Class guys

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