26 Replies to “Friends With Benefits Have Different Ideas About Their Relationship | The Lie Detective”

  1. I'm honestly curious to see the emotional effect of having a friend with benefits would have on me but I don't want to get all confused so I don't want to do it but I'm so curious and age

  2. Wow there’s actually a show for these nonsense, and I’m surprised when she asked “anything else” of course he is free to do whatever and whoever he lets like you, because you put you price tag nothing but as an OIL CHANGE GARAGE. and truly that’s what are !

  3. 3:02 I genuinely think the girl he’s with, oh sorry, I meant sleeping with, is gorgeous! So she can’t find ANYONE else other than this guy?? I mean come on… the guy looks like if a beaver had an extra chromosome.

  4. Friends with benifits but your upset that he kissed someone else…wtf. Don't ever get into a friends with Benifits situation if you can't handle it and don't u defeat d how it works

  5. if it's friends with benefits surely its just called FWB theres no attachments made, but like if the dude saying its exclusive like thats basically calling it a relationship, how can u be exclusive and be like nah not a relationship… then he should of just said look no attachments he just led her on

  6. I've been in a FWB relationship for almost a decade. She wanted to seriously date me, I told her I just wanted her to give me head and she had to go home afterwards. She got mad and left. She came back days later and agreed… she has had many relationships after that and even has kids now and 10 years later, she still gives me head regardless if she's in a relationship or not. This is how women are nowadays. No need to buy the cow when the milk is free. Let someone else (a simp) pay for the cow.

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