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  1. 2:12 Yeah that is dumb. When I was in the 5th grade I told my crush that I liked them and it was the day before Christmas break. When Christmas break was over we didn't talk for a day but now we are buddies! But I didn't really stop 😅 I asked him out in the 6th grade so, NOW WERE DATING. YAY

  2. I have had olny two crushes. one likes me back and the other well lets say…… I GOT DUNKED ON.

    She said she hoped that i didn't like them

  3. I've had three loves in my life (with the occasional few week crushes mixed in). I told two of them that I had feelings for them. The first one just ended pretty much everything and I think he's the reason I was getting harassed in high school because EVERYTHING happened after I told him. (He's a jerk.) The second one got a girlfriend and he's now one of my best guy friends so it was worth not telling him. The third likes me back, but I haven't heard from him in a month . . . That's way more than 10 minutes . . . Should I be worried?

  4. Crush: How was your day?
    Me: in my head ummmmmmmmmm
    Crush: Hello?
    Me: in my head uhmmmmmmmmm intensifies
    Crush: are u ok?
    Me: uhhhh
    Crush: I’m gonna go now…..
    Me: wait, no don’t leave! Wait nevermind! Wait dont
    Crush: What?
    Me: stares blankly into the depths of space um… good??
    Crush: cool
    crush: see you later •turns around and leaves•
    Me: •diverts my continuous stare into space towards them•
    Crush: looks back
    Me: my head at this moment, he knew he messed up. •turns around• • runs •

    Stealth 100 has been unlocked

    (No joke this actually happened)

  5. I think the issue with one person having stronger feelings than the other is the pain of not having it reciprocated. Sometimes you can’t shake that lovey feeling and it hurts more being around it knowing it’ll never become more.

  6. I have a girlfriend, and we met over the summer, and I knew she liked me, and I liked her, and I texted her and was like I like you. I knew she liked me, and I was still worried about was she would say. So I was like sorry if it's so abrupt, and she was like AWWWWWWW and I was like yay life is happy now.

  7. So like what about the horns-ish look that gives off Adam vibes around 3:12-ish? Asking for a friend. I mean cuz you stated that this video wasn't about James before I saw in the comments as I went to comment and you were denying it being about James but the animation was pointing more so into Adam's… Whatever. If it isn't James… Is it Adam? A woman must know. Regardless, if it isn't Adam why make your characters hair have the appearance of "Adam's spikes"? Again… Just asking for a friend.

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