Felicity Huffman Married William H. Macy (After He Asked A Third Time)

Felicity Huffman Married William H. Macy (After He Asked A Third Time)

For ‘American Crime’ star Felicity Huffman, the third time was a charm. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTube For more content from “The Late Show with Stephen…


47 Replies to “Felicity Huffman Married William H. Macy (After He Asked A Third Time)”

  1. So true about women disappearing or drowned in marriage. They reduced Amal Clooney to just George Clooney's babies hosting wife at her UN address. Women are basically drowned in the marriage from al, sides.

  2. Maybe this comment here is inappropriate. Please forgive me if that's the case. I'm concerned about the possibility that white people in America are headed toward extinction via race mixing. I understand horrible things have been done by people who happened to be white, or rather the ego inside of people who happened to be white. And at the same time I still think it might be good if white people don't go extinct soon. White people might have good qualities that are worth preserving. Maybe some race mixing can be good and healthy. I'm open to that possibility. And it might be helpful to acknowledge that I'm probably not the most educated person.

  3. William H Macy had to ask three times to marry this woman. William H Macy.

    There is something very wrong with this woman.

    (on the other hand, if William H Macy wants to marry her, she must be awesome)

    Argggh! Recursive logic error! Does Not Compute

  4. So comment section, it's perfectly okay for a man to be apprehensive about marriage (this is even stigmatized in tv shows and film, where the woman has to convince her boyfriend to settle down) but it's not okay for a woman to not want to tie the knot, have to wear a ring, plan a wedding, etc.

    Also just to note, I really didn't know much about Felicity Huffman before this interview (I was here for Stephen), but she now has a new fan. She seems like a tenacious, confident, and honest person.

  5. there were only 3 of us (me and two younger sisters) and Mom would STILL go through not only the other 2 daughters' names, but the dog, cats, guinea pigs and goats! This was a fun watch

  6. Because women disappear after marriage?? What does that even mean? Shouldn't she understand that after getting married it's not about you or your couple anymore, it's about the couple… I immediately understood when she said there were 7 daughters and 1 son.

    Asking for the third time… wow, that takes what most women aren't willing to give. Not even close. I don't know if that guy became my hero or he's just way too stupid, but definitely, definitely a woman will never understand true sacrifice. Honestly, who asks to be with a person for the rest of their lives for the third time??? Geez.

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