6 Replies to “Fat Women Confessions – MGTOW”

  1. Glad you made the video. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with them being attracted to guys that are in shape, after all you can’t force attention. The problem I have is when they want to be able to stay fat and still get men that are in shape like the one that wants her fairly tale ending. Also men even ones that are in shape aren’t allowed to reject a woman because she’s too fat even if they say it nicely otherwise they are an asshole and everyone that hears about it will see them as an asshole. But it’s ok for women, even fat women to reject men for being fat or being short or whatever and they can reject him in the most brutal, harshest ways possible and she’s not regarded as an asshole. In fact people will laugh at the guy. Men are expected to cater to and to spare women’s feelings like crazy but women can be as cruel as they want to men. Anyway let me know if you want more video recommendations

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