Farrah Abraham’s Family Confessions | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition

Farrah Abraham’s Family Confessions | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition

Farrah, Debra, and Michael try to address the root of all their problems. Check out what they say in their confessions. Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more …


30 Replies to “Farrah Abraham’s Family Confessions | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition”

  1. Farrah's mom should really cut all ties and sue her to keep her name out of Farrah's mouth! Then we'll see how successful the bitch will be with nothing to talk about.

  2. Screw that ugly bitch she is one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen , all she will ever be known for is taking it up the ass. And her daughter will turn out just like her

  3. I think she was sexually abused as a child that's why she cries all the time when they talk about her pass. I think her dad did it and her mother saw or knew and kept quiet . They tortured her that way to keep it a secret.

  4. Farrah is to much like the way she talks to her parents ? I don't think her parents gave her that whooping the way some of us got when we were younger shoot!

  5. She still mad at the fact that she had to hide her pregnancy from her child father ,and then he passed away not knowing anything.. And she maybe been abusive relationship between the 2!!

  6. I feel so bad that Sophia has a mentally ill mother smh. Farrah is so rude. How and where do ppl call there mother the b word? I have never DREAMED of letting those words leave my mouth. I'd be in the hospital right now lol

  7. Umm DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES… are you people watching this and not reacting to it???? Please take legal action to safe guard all children from this crazy family. They all literally should have a social worker next to them 24/7

  8. There is no way in hell Farrah's Mom NEVER did anything to her!! Why is the Dad so quiet when Farrah accuses her Mom of abuse? Why does the Mom calmly deny it? Farrah wouldn't be so crazy if her life was perfect. Either Farrah was born with a mental Inness her parents never got her help for or she developed one from abuse.

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