43 Replies to “ENGAGED CHALLENGE!! (Future WIVES)”

  1. This is a sin. I am sorry but the Bible says this is a sin. I am not telling people how to live. It is a shame that such attractive women are lesbian.

  2. I loved this video you two made me laugh and for that thank you x
    And I am totally okay with long videos =)
    Much love from
    New Zealand x
    (I'm from Tauranga, New Zealand. Letting you know incase you want to see where I live on the map 😄)

  3. Come to NEW ZEALAND you will love it here. So beautiful and home!!!! <3 you guys are the most amazing couple on earth xx always watch your videos. Both would look amazing in wedding dresses. Come to NZ honeymoon with the Kiwis

  4. I love you both so much. You both are great role models. I love how your 7 year anniversary and wedding date is falling on the same day as my girlfriend/s and my 1 year anniversary. That is amazing and what a coincidence xox

  5. Congratulations… on surviving this video. Seriously, I've stumbled across episodes of The Newlywed Game late at night on Buzzr, and I often wonder whatever happened to those people. 😀

  6. I got married in July, and my wife just offered to marry you two! We were engaged for about 2 years, and being married feels totally different. I am so happy for you both! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! And I think no matter what you wear on your wedding day, the most beautiful thing will be the love you have for each other.

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