Elizabeth Wettlaufer 1 — Police interrogation and confession of nurse in 8 patient deaths

Elizabeth Wettlaufer 1 — Police interrogation and confession of nurse in 8 patient deaths

This is a trial exhibit authorized for release by the Ontario Superior Court. The full chilling police interrogation and detailed confession of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a Canadian nurse working…


44 Replies to “Elizabeth Wettlaufer 1 — Police interrogation and confession of nurse in 8 patient deaths”

  1. Im 31 now I will forever dread getting old and my family putting me in a nursing home. I understand now why my grandpa always wanted to be at home and not go to hospice.

  2. This is what you get when you have free healthcare. Geeze! This …….person would never make it one shift in US health system. You don't have to be a Psych nurse to realize that she's …challenged. How could anyone leave her in charge of vulnerable patients??

  3. As if what she did wasn't enough.
    This slag, knew she was going to be questioned but decides on fast food Chili for lunch. She is given multiple opportunities to excuse herself if she needs a break but instead of doing so she stays and stinks up the room with her gross Chili farts. This poor guy has to keep going with his head right next to her exhaust pipe.

  4. wettlaufer,a german pig,probabely she read a lot about joseph mengele,and she wanted to reapeat it again toward inocent people ,fuck of wettlaufer

  5. I'm not taking up for her but why do these people wave their right to have a attorney present? They just sit there and incriminate themselves.

  6. So much kindness from the interviewer. I don't know if that is a "technique" to relax the criminal and get more info? Pretty intense thing to watch. Wow. I'm an O.R. nurse (retired) and this is blowing my mind. I've heard of other nurses who went to the dark side like this one in the video, but this lady? Wow. Just…wow.

  7. A Pastor KNEW she was doing it and let it go on? He should be thrown in prison, I don't give a fuck about religious privacy, someone is killing innocent people you are OBLIGATED to report it, or at least force them to quit the job or you'll report it, DO SOMETHING other than praying, lot of good that did obviously. What a piece of shit this bitch is, I hope she rots in hell.

  8. I know that's a bag on the table beside this woman, but I swear if you don't look directly at it, it looks like the devils hand, or the hand of the Grim Reaper….weird😨 ikr!!

  9. I dont believe this woman has an ounce of guilt or remorse. I think shes using mental health issues as an excuse. I believe she killed these people bc they pissed her off

  10. 41:58 I just listened to the whole interview. Never mind my earlier comment. Fire up old sparky and get that lady out of the gene pool. 😡

  11. She needed to work out and get Healthy. I bet she needed attention. Check her self in to a better shrink. Fat, depressed and ignorant is no way to go through life. Especially if your hurting others. You are a master of your own reality.

  12. She is lying about the voices, she just wanted their drugs so she killed them and took the left over drugs… She is trying to plead insanity. The interviewer is good at making she spill the beans.

  13. She has munchausen by proxy and she will feel just fine in prison especially if she constantly in the hospital wing being cared of with her incessant bouts of hypochondria.Fat bitch

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