22 Replies to “DOCS: The Confession of a Paedophile – 24 Hours In Police Custody #3”

  1. I both pity and admire the police officers who have to look at photos and videos depicting child abuse… that has got to be one of the worst jobs in the world. Hats off to anyone who can do it without going insane. I hope they have good support and get paid good money.

  2. I wish the sentences were longer; also, sex offender registries might prevent a person from getting a job, especially near children, but it certainly does not prevent the offenders from visiting areas populated by children. Only prison can stop them, and most countries won't give these criminals more than ten years inside. England does seem a bit better than the US though, at least in this instance. He was sentenced to double what America probably would have given him. Seven for "good behavior", perhaps. Still, God bless these ladies for doing their job so well.

  3. As disgusting all of this was to watch, I have to just confess, it was sort of…I don't want to say nice, because it was just terrible to listen too and to know that so many children were hurt just for that mans gratification, it was sort of strange to see him realize he had been caught and just admitted to it all. His eyes also showed so much pain and regret. I don't feel sorry for him and I feel like 10 was too light a sentence, but it's strange to see that human side to such a monster.

  4. man I am so sick, this world is doomed. I would literally kill anyone who is doing this to children. I don't understand the justice system … musst be that they are all amongst them.

  5. Do you not realize he is an OUT OF CONTROL PREDATOR that need to be caged. PPE, chemical castration. Segregated living, this is out of control in England because it is widely accepted.

  6. Thank you for protecting children. God bless you, catch the badtards and lop off their f'n dicks! Chemical castration must be made mandatory to those who demonstrate the do not know when or where to appropriately engage in sexual relations and that so under the age of legal consent is punished by the ill extent of the law.

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