Do I confess bout my lies or leave him

Do I confess bout my lies or leave him

About six months ago I moved to a new city for a year long continuing ed course. I met a man over an online dating site about a decade older than me. At the time I thought it would just be a fun fling. He\’s wealthy, he\’s funny, the sex is great, and he treats me very well. For some weird reason I made up all these STUPID lies about myself so he would like me more. I told him I was ONE (ONLY ONE) year older than I really am, that I travelled to all these different countries, that I went to college, ect. And now…now we\’re TOTALLY IN LOVE. I\’m a very proud person and it\’s hard for me to confess to a lie. I\’ve met his family and I LOVE THEM. He\’s never met my family due to my lies. I know he will propose in the next six months…so my question is… Do I confess ALL MY STUPID lies and see if he still loves me or not or do I leave this city as soon as I\’m done with school? I\’m afraid that if I leave I will lose the man of my dreams…and more importantly…MY SOULMATE.

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