Deep Storytelling Hip Hop/Rap Beat “Confessions” (Prod. Contrary Beats) 2016

Deep Storytelling Hip Hop/Rap Beat “Confessions” (Prod. Contrary Beats) 2016

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36 Replies to “Deep Storytelling Hip Hop/Rap Beat “Confessions” (Prod. Contrary Beats) 2016”

  1. Maybe I should grab a gun Maybe I should grab a rope
    Maybe I should end it all
    Maybe I should try to cope
    Maybe I should look for help
    cause I cant do this on my own
    Maybe I should go to sleep
    And pray the Lord will take my soul

  2. Hold the barrel, all Im feeling is the trigger, everybody wants to grow and stack up figures, some do it the right way, and sum end up dead, some take the right path and others believe that there next, but they never reach there goal, they keep telling themselves that they'll make it one day without nobody's help, very few do it the rest end up stuck in the gutter, doin it for the fame puts you in a slumber, your all fake ass bitches gonna amount to nothing, every day I tell myself that I will become something, but I don't make a move, I just kick it wit it the crew, everyday conversin talk bout sum new, how I just smoked the fattest L bruh yea its the truth, I wish I could smoke away the truth, but it haunts me every where I go it taunts me, tells me to go back, go back to the black bag, Ar-15 in my hands I didn't even wanna grab that

  3. Chorus: I know life is a blessing, I know a made mistakes so I guess these are my confessions, I'm trynna live right while I'm on my way to heaven, all these voices in my head won't stop I think I'm stressin (x2)
    Verse 1: I'm walking down this road alone, I feel like i ain't even got a place to call my home, and I ain't got nobody who would ever call my phone, I'll just be sitting in my room all fucking alone, but I don't need you motherfuckers, all I needs my mother, I won't ever let nobody touch her, put nobody above her and that's a fuckin fact, me and my Bros ridin round we always run in packs, lookin alive but we ain't on that Drake shit, all my niggas real we never be on that fake shit, talking shit we're swinging you'd think that we're getting base hits, all the bitches in my phone ion fuck with they basic, give you your own medicine now it's time to taste it, you fuckin broke my heart now I'm out here just getting faded, I gave you my heart and you promised not to break it, but you did that's the truth so now it's time to face it.
    And then the chorus again and I'm still working on the second verse

  4. 52 cents in my pocket gun up to my chin thinking I’m gonna cock and pull the trigger giving up sometimes seems like the best option trying to get my funds up tired of this no money my mommas sick can’t even afford our own crib losing all control frustrations taking over hoping that it’s a dream that I’ll wake up and it’ll all be over voices in my head telling me I’m better off dead but I don’t listen I can’t listen I’ve gotta make a better life for everyone I love heavy weight on my shoulders feeling like some boulders trynna get this paper get in the studio and make these tracks can’t these racks move these packs make something out of nothing need a plug

  5. Yea i keep tryna make that connection
    You know the one they call love
    But no im toxic and i spread like infection
    In capable of getting some affection
    At this point i can’t even recognize myself
    My arms all cut up in a mirrors reflection
    God please point me in the right direction

    i’ve always felt like I'm always alone
    The fake me is all people have ever known
    Maybe its cause thats all ive eva shown
    So now i’m just gonna keep to myself
    You know, stay in my zone
    You won’t even talk to me the over the phone

    Now look
    who woulda guessed that i could ever be this fucking depressed. Oh wait you people already assumed that cuz the way that i dress. Shit i cant even confess, you know why? How about you take a second guess. Fuck i cant even deal with all this stress I’ll never find success. I guess its just all part of the process.

    Every time i try to find love it backfires.
    I burn every thing down like a wildfire.
    It’s pointless, i’ll never find what i desire.
    Cuz all i am is some fucked up drug addict and a liar.
    Im done with this shit
    ima go to back supplier
    Light up and keep gettin higher and higher.
    Even you bitches sing it like some fucking choir.
    Shit you people basically put my entire ass on the fucking fryer

    And why does caring about someone gotta be so complicated
    You won’t even tell me how you feel
    So why are you always getting frustrated
    Because i don’t know what’s the big deal
    Its like all this shit was just fabricated
    Cuz love shouldn’t be so far gone and unreal
    It shouldn’t have gotten me so devastated
    And now im just full of hatred

    What can i say
    You made me this way
    I waited for you
    Every fucking day
    Hoping that we would make it through okay

    But no it’s always because something’s wrong with me. So why won’t a single one of you say anything because i can’t see. I don’t know what it takes to be the man you fucking want me to be. Might as well cast me to sea cuz you dont want a fucking thing to do with me.

    I gave my heart to you
    And for some reason after all this time
    i can only think of you
    Even all that shit you fucking put me through
    I can’t get you out my motha fucking head
    And now i don’t know what to do.
    Im thinking about all the shit you said
    And I shoulda knew
    All of it wasnt true
    I had no fucking clue
    im guessing it was just over due
    And if only i known that i was worth not shit to you
    I might as well be fucking dead to you
    Even though i fucking loved you
    Even all the things i would do for you
    I guess it never even mattered
    And now im just laying her all alone
    With my heart shattered
    So fuck you
    Ima go smoke weed
    And then ima go get hammered

  6. I probably don’t want to hear the answers that I seek

    But you got to believe me, I think about it every week

    But the most I can do now is wander in our past and

    So much to see and do but how long you think this lasted?

    Remember the summer night when we stared up at the skies

    I’m looking right up at you and your stunning blue eyes

    I’m thinking how fast will this time go by

    But a lot a times I seem to not like our goodbyes

    But you really got to tell me why you tricked me

    But maybe in the end this road is too steep to see

    Look I know you probably don’t feel the same way about me.

    And trust me i do try to think about it differently

    But after all these years and after all these tears

    I think maybe think is the only thing I’ll ever come to fear

    And I wish that you could dream to I wish that you would seem to enjoy whats happening but maybe that’s just me and not you

  7. im alone broken ambiance prolly cuz ima rose in concrete remember my posse used to let the light shine on me as of now the fuse went out ima retired kobe I'm like bon jovi living on a prayer sticking to my script my ghetto opera from nothing now I'm off to the trail to see the wizard like oz to undo this curse in reverse maybe put some cash in my moms purse I concur tryna make things concord life said pick your poison I was so flamboyant new Columbus coming on a new voyage all these snakes at my head feeling like Medusa a fashion killah calling all shooters they ain't slithering toungues ain't whispering the things that got me poisoned head in the sky demons got me floatin life's a stadium fuck the spokesmen can't see my life from there angle think I got this without being thankful now I gotta good view up here ask these angles I'm simon this a roberry obviously don't do shit less I say so

  8. i feel a certain way
    so every single day
    i wake up in the morning and try to pray away the pain
    i keep on moving but im feeling kinda strange
    so i walk up in my class
    and my brain on delay
    my eyes so hazy i cant even see straight
    so much things that i try to contenplate
    black i fade
    wake up in the hospital ward and all these people in my face
    im wondering wassup and everybody say your straight
    i look up at my board find out its 8
    days until i die

  9. I've never claimed to be perfect
    But I better get this off of my chest
    before it can resurface
    It better be worth it
    Before I lace my pain in these words
    I feel a knot in my chest
    I'm not at my best
    I confess that the shame is absurd
    So fuck what you heard
    Murderous thoughts
    Mixed up with my earlier plots
    When I heard you were shot
    I dropped the phone and ran out the door
    It really shook me to the core
    I went looking for a war
    Like it would settle the score
    If I just let the bullets soar
    I opened my stash and loaded the shells
    Debating my chances of going to Hell
    Fucked up, with no one to tell
    Luck's up, like things were going so well
    Hopped in the Stang with a loaded up 12
    Felt a little pain that I wasn't concerned at
    Then I felt drained and everything turned black

  10. Can I use the beat for Free? I would put a link to your channel in my video description + Title: "Nerro – Songname (prod. Contrary Beats)??

  11. i was 18 since i started smoking
    people started rapping and making
    had nothing to do but cry
    but still didnt give a damn and try
    u see about all the confessions
    niggas started judging about my depression
    they never knew how much i had to pay my rent
    all they cared about how i roam with fucking 50cent
    didnt try to be eminem
    nor jayz kanye west matt cities
    all the superstars never showed up in my fucking dream
    all i need is to gather my own team
    catch me in the studio with some stars
    dont shoot me down if ur jealous heart

  12. I'm looking at these street lights,I think hard,I think twice, going back and forward wit myself,I'm askin,is this right.
    I self reflect,look in the mirror trying to find my self respect,but I can't detect,all I can find is the things that I have grown to regret
    This person I am I guess it me,or it's one of my personalities.And actually,I can see myself becoming a casualty
    Like casually,just diein out,a dark knight just riding out Had a battle with the gin for I left the house,and I think that I just lost that bout
    I treat you bad and I know it,I'm not blind I notice it.For a whole year you rolled with it,but you cut loose on yo YOLO shit
    Now I'm stuck here just all alone,these late nights,writing sad songs,Wake up mad,write mad songs,is there anything else to add on

  13. Es beginnt mit ner bekannschaft die dich von anfang anzieht/
    Hatte keine hoffnung keine träume doch ich mag sie/
    Und dann sagt sie, 2 wochen isses her/
    Ich so blöd werde rot und dachte jo sie will jetzt mehr/
    Dann auf party ziemlich viele flaschen leer/
    Paar stunden später seh ich wie sie n anderen typen klärt/
    Ich in rage, bekifft durch die straße/
    Abgeschottet von der welt, depresive phase/
    Freunde im fokus, nachwie vor mit ihnen schöne zeit/
    Rund um den globus alle im modus und verspüren dieses Leid

  14. I came out the womb and boom there I was
    Just a pound an nine ounces man that’s all I was
    You couldn’t hear a tear, and dad asked why
    Mom was by my side tears flying down her eyes
    I had to climb mountains and we hoped for the best
    I couldn’t get that oxygen to pump out of my chest
    I was in the hospital my first ninety-nine
    The 100th day was when I saw the sunshine
    Had a superman painting on my wall
    That’s because I got up after everytime i’d fall
    Took me 3 years to finally learn to crawl
    Took me 5 years to finally walk at all
    So take it all in because my parents aren’t grieving
    Gotta take it all in every morning and evening
    Take it all in all the blessings i’m receiving
    Man I can’t believe i’m now 18 and still breathing

  15. Iv got a little confession to make, i try to tell it, but both my hands have this tendency to shake..i go to let the words rythemly roll of my tounge, but the words that im speaking are coming out wrong,

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