31 Replies to “Dating Down Low men in ATLANTA. CHANCES are we’ve all had one. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’”

  1. Dont Trust Any man In Atlanta baby girl. Trust me. You Can Not Tell. They can be thug or tough or hood or professional. These ATL men are Not Loyal to men or women. Many Black men are Bisexual but they dont admit it. But they act on it secretly. I know a guy that was married to a women for 9 years and had 2 kids. Now he's married to a guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOUGPIb0x_c&t=500s This show is example of Bi guys in ATL.

  2. Forget that once he had sex with a man no inbetween don't fool with him. Then not only wonder if it's another woman did will be wondering if it's another man or a tranny. If a man like another man or a woman likes another woman then don't act like you are straight then try to make a family.

  3. That's disgusting,it shouldn't be mentioned or condoned,Gay is gay, that's why women got the AIDS they didn't get it from other women they got it from men like that,yeah..It's Their fault anyway,if it came through prostitution or whatever,Men like that should not come near our beautiful sister's,that's disgusting, really,how can you condone that,slim pickings or not your making the situation worse…

  4. People r sooo off these days!!! Thatโ€™s why people are such at a high risk for all kinds of STDโ€™s!! I mean SERIOUSLY!!! Some things r just common sense!!! We need to get back to the basics!!! Thanks for sharing this video! I๏ธ agree with u!

  5. It ain't just down low married men in ATL it's also down low single men and down low thug ass men who have girlfriends too that are living a lie in ATL playing the thug as tough straight man role when in reality they have a secret life of being a down low man and that's true facts ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  6. These Atl women are knowingly dating bi gay man, they are NOT BEING FOOLED. The females are bi and gay themselves. The women just want one big gay bi happy couple where there is no judging. And that rhetoric that they are contracting HIV/AIDS and being fooled by the men, is all BS. These Atl females know theses dudes are gay bi and still having un-proteced sex with them.FACT

  7. As a bisexual woman, I have no problem dating bisexual men. It's the bisexual men who lie that I have a problem with. It's a double standard for black women who have slept with a woman, and have a problem with a guy who has slept with a guy. The black community has too many hang ups and I wasn't raised homophobic. I agree with her, just be up front with me and we won't have a problem. Monogamy vs polygamy, that also is an issue.

  8. But women act so desperate nowadays just to have a piece of man than no man. So men giving altermatums like you want me then you gotta deal with this.(cheating,bisexuality)However you can't step to them like that. They want u to uphold this wholesome woman image.

  9. It's not woman fault that they in the closet. It's their own shame that they've got on their own. I'm not accepting that one. But you kinky girls need to stop playing with them boys asses๐Ÿ˜js

  10. In a heterosexual relationship you're under the impression that it's just women to be concerned about vs. A possible dl partner who anybody could be their target of affection which is why I feel like STD' s could be higher with dl men hell they all over the place.

  11. STD chances are higher with bisexual partners vs. heterosexual partners. No one has a type nowadays. Anything goes nowadays and that's scary. You've got to have some boundaries in all things you can't just be down with any and everything. You can't just go along to get along. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

  12. If you're a black man who wants to be Gay then go be Gay but leave Women out of it. You down low brothers are more offensive then the Men who are openly Gay because at least they are being who they are. The fact that you down low Men be married with wives and children but mess around with other Men is not cool. I can't respect that.I as a black man would have more respect for a dude if he came out as Gay and left Women alone.

  13. Until black women accept the men they so called love for who they are they will continue to be lied to. Just like a man lies about cheating on u with another woman they lie about being bisexual as well. U gotta love a man and not judge him, he already feels like he won't be accepted which is why he's lying. Put yourself in that mans shoes and think how you would feel. How would you feel if someone hated you and wanted to beat and kill you for being who you were?? Someone treating you like you have green skin and purple hair cuz you living free? A bisexual man is just that BISEXUAL. If he's dating a man hopefully he's monogamous if he's dating a female hopefully he's faithful loyal and monogamous and worthy of starting a family with. Shit you can possibly make it fun by having a 3-some or orgie lmaoooo #NOLIMITS IJS

  14. Young Lady – I am a woman of a previous generation and I am in 100% total agreement with you. You touched upon absolutely Everything that I have thought of and been saying for years. This "Life Coach" that you mentioned, in my opinion, does not deserved to be paid in money OR in attention. This person is into making women feel "less than" if they choose to go their own way and not have a man. One thing people need to realize is that NO woman Or man necessarily has to be married or have children to be happy. GOD has his plans for each and everyone of us. I believe in GOD and I believe in me…The Bible says "seek first the kingdom of heaven". Be Strong My Young Sistah.

  15. I'm not cool with it either. Why should women have to settle for a bi dude just to have someone? Chile please.. No thanks..I couldn't trust him not to creep that way again. That's not something that just goes away.

  16. I'm a straight male and I'll tell you that you didn't over react. Maybe I'm immature but I could not let another man massage me at all. Don't touch me bring me in a woman. What I look like letting another strong arm rub my body. Fuck that shit. Sweet heart you acted appropriately.

  17. Kia,thanks and good luck there.You're a smart girl. i hope we both find honest men! I heard from a man there that men on the down low from all over the place have made Atlanta the hot bead for that activity. It is not a ordinary thing for white women to accept it. (your Gwen Stephani reference). Athletes down there are SO INTO IT! YES people need to be upfront in hour 1!

  18. There are men who will lie and say they dont have a past being with men. I have a male family member that is gay and most of the men that try to talk to him are married. He dont even live in a major city so I can imagine what its like in the ATL. The risk is higher for two men sleeping together so women should be careful who they are with. I would be scared to date in atlanta.

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