40 Replies to “Dark Secrets The Cast Of Home Improvement Tried To Hide”

  1. WTF is it with your videos. If someone is watching this now there watching it on You Tube. The internet you know. And if i have the internet would it not then be fair to conlude that since this show ended in 1999 ALMOST 19 YEARS AGO that we know about everything you rattled off. That seams to be a recoccuring theme with all your videos though. I hated home improvement never watched an episode but even i knew everyting you listed off. Bang up job.

  2. Home Improvement was THE 90s show. It was something that you saw grow and if you were a kid in the late 80s and early 90s you saw it change more as the years went on than any other show during that time period.
    I actually didn't watch Last Man Standing till season 4 ended up on Netflix and decided to binge it all. Now obviously its nowhere near what Home Improvement was, and at times, I felt his family, mainly the wife, was stale at times. But overall the show was great, but it was cancelled beause everyone got butt hurt over jokes.
    I hope to see a Home Improvement reunion in the form of like maybe 5 episodes on netflix. And Earl? Yeah its a shame he passed, but, you could always find someone who looks like him, put him behind something, a hat, find someone who could mimic his voice, and have him call through a skype call from a trip he's on.

  3. You offer me 25 million to do 30 episodes I would become unbored quick.  Patricia is a great actress but she hasn't done much since.  She made good money though.

  4. Last Man Standing was cancelled because Tim Allen is a republican and made jokes about criminal Clinton and Obama. Libtards hate the truth and libtard Hollyweird hates Republicans

  5. Hey what time is it? TOOL TIME, said every kid every day for years……I watched all of Home Improvement this Summer and had no clue that was Pamela Anderson…I like Heidi more.

  6. It's a good thing JTT's family wasn't as "Republican" as Tim the Coke Dealer Allen.   Allowing him to go to school, instead of making him keep working was the right thing to do.

  7. Do you have to read everything. Nobody wants to listen to chick talk for this long.  unless were gunna get into your pants. I turn the volume down on your vids.

  8. I don't know why some people are busting him up for his drug dealing. Most of you did your share of drinking under age or smoking a doobie, or a lot of doobies or worse. He got busted did his time and got into comedy. That's what we call rehabilitation. Why shouldn't he be successful, just because he messed up when he was young? I do think if comedy hadn't worked out he and his porno mustache could have been a hit in adult entertainment.

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