1. the devil will never be a friend…he is very cruel.. The man in dust pink suit (Snake Pastor)i pray the Lord located him and set him free, there is a reason u r still alive brother and God is patient with you..we cant out-sin the love of God…wish you all the best

  2. The only reason we tricked by the devil is Lust. I was a victim of gemstone fraud and get rich quickly schemes. The Lord showed me. James 1:14-15
    "But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust (a strong desire for something beyond the limits and laws set out by God), and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin (in this case it was consulting a witch-doctor and using fetishes, other it is fraud, doing business that is illegal, deception avoiding taxes) : and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death (total loss or death). Do not err, my beloved brethren".

  3. i won't be surprised if Jacob is actually Nigerian's forefathers, because he was the originator of 419…now that deceptions flows through out today.

  4. Ezekiel 13:18 in KJV
    People are covering and sowing pillows over Gods outstretched hands which represent his truths, knowledge, and wisdom that He wants his children to have. More over GOD IS AGAINST THOSE WHO TEACH HIS CHILDREN TO FLY TO SAVE THIER SOULS…. what does this mean to you? I hope it makes you think about the fly away doctrine “rapture”…This doctrine was thought up of a mentally disturbed woman in 1832 that a couple of preachers ran with and now today Satan has used it to deceive many many people. People, listen and look—We will not gather back to Christ until the 6th seal-which seal or truth is in your forehead not on the outside of it, the 6th trump-Anti Christ and 6th vile-of Gods wrath takes place. This means the false messiah will be here to fly you away, that will be his message along with love, peace, and combining all the religious political spectrums as ONE. Iron and clay do not mix, neither will Christianity mix with communists (Marxism) and other religious matters and traditions of men…It says in the Bible he is supernatural and will execute miracles in order to trick and will be able to snap his fingers and make lightning strike down from the clouds. How many people will flock to him who dont know and understand Gods word…Sadly, so many people can only handle the milk of the word because they are not properly pody trained enough to absorb the deep truths of Gods word….We have these fakes state 1 or 2 verses to a congregation then spit out his on personality for the next hour, rather than teaching the word in chapter by chapter and verse by verse nature…Find a legit shepherd to help you interpret the word until you can do it for yourself (recommend Arnold Murray form the shepherds chapel) but dont praise this man, Give God the credit and let the Holy Spirit lead your life through the scriptures…The famine in the last day is for hearing and understanding the TRUE word of GOD, its not for actual food as it states is AMOS, and in Hosea it says my people are destroyed for a lack of true knowledge and understanding the word of God. We are so content being ignorant in a willful manner to Gods word. Worldly wisdom is Not True Wisdom…

    At the 7th trump which is after the 6th, then we will be instantly, in the blink of eye be changed into spiritual bodies here on Earth, and the 1000 year millennium will begin (the true Lords day—1 day to man is a 1000 years to God-2nd peter). Have the true seal of God INSIDE your forehead and do the work of the True messiah with your hands, and do not be deceived by Satan with the mark of his deception INSIDE your head or be doing the work of the devil with your ignorant actions and hands. Seek God the father, be open to correction, and embrace the change that God the father through Jesus Christ has for you life….Look it up people, test your teachers, and study to show yourselves approved in the word of God with understanding.

    Gods elect will be delivered up to stand against the false messiah in the latter days. They will not premeditate what they will say, but these who were chosen before the foundations of the world will let the HOLY SPIRIT speak through them with the Pentecost tongue that was stated in ACTS 2 and again mentioned in JOEL 2 where the sons and daughters will prophecy in a language that all can understand and will convert many, even the gain sayers will be converted…. MARK 13, MATT 24, and LUKE 21

    UNDERSTAND and study to show yourselves approved by learning and embracing Jesus Christ crucified-when, where, why, who—

    Know the 3 earth ages, one before the overthrow of Satan, and now the one we live in today-Noahs days, and the one that is to come with 1000 year millennium and great white throne judgement that comes at the end of the 1000 years

    Know the anti christ comes before the REAL christ.

    Understand the Greek and Hebrew along with the English translation.

    God Bless

  5. The world is a messy place because of many dark and evil things. but this is not one . My liver and kidney is healed. I didnot even told him all my problems when he touch me i felt whole again healthy and strong . God is a wonder .

  6. B4 I comment on this self confessed fraud star, I want to ask abt the man seated at the back of the fraud star wearing a pink suit with a white tie who called himself the snake pastor from South Africa who was delivered by our father and the prophet of our time and of all times ,Prophet T.B. Joshua and later denied the Grace that delivered him? There is no other living prophet in the universe like the spirit, T.B. Joshua. I love you prophet T.B. Joshua. Remember me in ur prayers and pls invite me for deliverance man of the most high God!

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