12 Replies to “Couch Confessions Episode 2 : Unrealistic Expectations in Dating and Marriage”

  1. I'm 23 and single. If I've spent more than like six weeks talking to a guy, going out, whatever, I feel like I should know if we're going to be in an actual relationship soon. Like is it going anywhere or are we just like 'having fun'? Because I can have fun with any of my friends.

  2. You need a nice Christian boy Arielle. This day in age people do not have any morals. You are so right! And in 3 months you should know if you're together or not and no games!!!! I'm angry for you! Loser dudes!

  3. Airelle I was in the same situation with a guy I was casually dating before my current boyfriend. I learned that guys who can't be bothered to respond or text you are honestly just immature and not looking for anything serious, or basically just don't care. I'd dump him and move onto the next one if I were you, it's not worth the stress!

  4. You're expecting the Normal things a normal person is asking for in a partner .. Respect above all, treating you like an equal partner, loving you like his one and only because you are his one and only. Keep dating and you'll get him one day Ariel xx

  5. omg I laughed at all what Airelle said.. you two are gorgeous without makeup!! yes I totally agree.. men expect you to drop everything for them but have a hard time doing that for you. I just passed my 2 year anniversary with my husband.. he is literally that person I had always dreamt of being perfect.. there are still men out there that are amazing. one thing I've learned is compromise. I cook mostly all the time and he helps me with dishes, vacuum, and does all the outside chores with my help. I never have to nag or beg him to pitch in because I've learned giving him little rewards helps. something as simple as letting him have the TV or getting him his favorite treat like it just works. but ya girl after 3 months this guy should invest his time in you and not be pushy with you. I'd expect you to hear from him if you were that important to him. and girrrrll.. how the H are you single? I would have never guessed! but have hope there are good guys out there that are grown ass men and not little boys.. XO love the couch confessional series. keep it up 😃

  6. Thank you for doing this. 😊 I missed the first one for some reason but I'll watch that next. I've been married almost two years now and how my expectations have changed since dating and what not is huge. But not in a bad way. I think I've learned to compromise but also expect the respect I deserve. It's that balance that can be hard. I agree with feeling like walking on egg shells. But Im not passive either. Quite aggressive according to my hubby haha. The first couple years have been hard for us so far with a lot of adjusting but at the same time they've been more amazing than any other time in my life. It's bizarre. I can get so angry and annoyed but I'm also the happiest ever hahaha. ❤️ I agree. Never settle. I almost did and so glad I didn't. I am all about that chivalry 😉 I think one day you will meet that guy and it'll be amazing and you'll know it's different but it won't ways be perfect either, again the balance I believe ❤️ I wish you both the very best.

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