41 Replies to “Connor Murphy Gets Married PRANK”

  1. The vanity of women. It's not astounding.. I just want us as a society to stop being butthurt about guys who are vain and chicks that are vein. lol enough of this bulllllshit about the sexes. Just accept the shit and role with it.

  2. 0:43 ''because my man will fuck me everyday and i will be married to him'' bitch please =)))) girls these days fuck you your friends your friends friends and in a month she will be done with fucking YOU :)))

  3. I'm moderately fit, have a nice car, make great money, and have lived on both the east and west coast. Soon I will soon be turning 29 and looking back at the girls I have dated in my 20s, none of them have been worth the squeeze. Shallow, materialistic, immature, disloyal headaches. I'm just happy none of them ever got pregnant because I know they all would have taken me for everything that I am worth and made the next 18 years of my life hell. One night stand'em and then dump them. Don't even worry about exchanging numbers because it's not worth it.

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