CONFESSIONS – Scammed By A Filipina Part #1 Of 2 – DiVoRcEd MgToW NaTiOn – HYPERGAMY – Gynocentric

CONFESSIONS – Scammed By A Filipina Part #1 Of 2 – DiVoRcEd MgToW NaTiOn – HYPERGAMY – Gynocentric

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46 Replies to “CONFESSIONS – Scammed By A Filipina Part #1 Of 2 – DiVoRcEd MgToW NaTiOn – HYPERGAMY – Gynocentric”

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  2. To begin with you were going thru a divorce. Never tell the left hand what the right hand is doing. Should of told her to talk to your attorney Hopefully Karma will visit her. Remember Revenge is best served COLD.

  3. You have too look back also don’t be mad at them.think where they came from,you ain’t never been that poor, my asawa(friends now)she been many times 5 days with no food.i know her house had no electric till she 22 and she was sleeping on cardboard till I buy her a bed

  4. Poor wgite loser. Poor you. Desperate for love and sex. Why can't you loser learn to stick with your own kind? No takers?
    Poor you. Can you blame them? You got an axe to grind ya nasty desperate wgite loser? Lmfao.

  5. Be WISE, get a religious one who puts marriage more important than money, prefer someone near your own age like I did. If her word is so, so good why did she leave? her word meant NOTHING. Get to know your filipina FIRST. I'm in Arizona, house paid, can't by law lose my house.

  6. Sorry for what you had to go through. But, can't understand why you couldn't see her true colors a bit while living with her though and would keep believing in her.

    When it comes to people, there are two kinds – good and bad….doesn't matter what gender, age, race, etc.

  7. Loser White, ENGLISH speaking males…Americans, British, Australian. Btw, Filipanas are "Encouraged" to find a White male, because White males from Englishb speaking countries are LOSERS. American, British males want REVENGE on Asian males and White females. White females will ALWAYS choose an Asian male. Thats why 3 Federal laws were passed against Asian male/White females. And ALL 3 laws were Ignored. White females also made Asian males the TOP actors in Hollywood. Sessue

  8. You never bring a foreign woman who grew up dirt poor in the west ever. Hypergamy will ruin her. You marry her where ever you found her and stay there. That relationship has a better chance of working out. The moment you put her on a plane and bring her over here, it's over.

  9. I shared an APartment with a Lady from the Philippines and it was the worst experience I ever had with a neighbor. I believe they all have a victim complex once they reach Europe or America. They are extremely impoverished but when they come to the Western world they begin to claim their rights. You should have gone to Eastern Europe or a black African nation.

  10. Scammers are everywhere so do not trust anybody with a huge amount of money and don't fall for younger women! You would know if you're with a scammer or not…, we call it instinct!

  11. Thats why when get with a filipina or any other foreign women keep her in her country dont bring her back to the states to be brainwashed and americanized.

  12. just be real next time let things flow if it dont work it dont work i wouldnt even tell them i have money and she if the person love god thats very important search for a women a king a king dont scam because when it he does thats it that person wont be around.

  13. next time ront give her the whole 100 percent of your heart.Have fun and get to know the person,study their behavior,test your partner without them noticing only of you suspect something.people go under this notion that every phillipina will treat you right but there needs to be facts behind the notion which is observation)im talking to phillipina she very nice and kind and sweet..just let things flow if you break up you break up if you dont you dont.Be the king in your words and actions.can i get ten thousand,me:nope or let me think about or lets set down and disgust it.

  14. my video filipina scammer will show people what it is to meet a liar and scammer. The i love yous and health problems went on for years before i found out she had a boyfriend. Never trust them lieing is embedded in the culture there.

  15. women in general are brought up with the reinforced idea that it's ok for them to be lying scamming angry nagging so and so's. Men give them way too much power through their vagina. I haven't met many couples were the wife actually loves the husband, instead of just going along with marriage for the benefits they get from When my father died the first thing my mum said to me was "now I have to live on a single pension and who's going to do the chores around the house?". Haha go MGTOW

  16. The biggest things I see with respect to why people divorce are financial issues,
    big age differences and cultural differences. Men tend to go for women with good looks and then worry about her personality later. This is a huge mistake. The looks will wear off and if you can not be friends, you will never stay together. Everyone I know who has had a successful marraige has said that their spouse is not only their lover but also their best friend. Hot looks is a plus, but it isn't everything. Most guys I know who have married these women from half way around the world are just looking for a hot trophy wife. That stuff never seems to last. Also many of these countries portray American men as all being rich so a lot of these girls festooning these over seas dating sites are basically gold diggers hoping to marry some American guy just to get into the USA then just take off.
    Word to the wise… Take time to get to really know a woman before you go too far.
    And don't be an idiot. If you are some over weight 50+ something and she is a 30 year old
    ultra hot model type, it is probably not going to work and all she is looking for is your money. Be realistic.

  17. Its not because shes filipina, its a woman’s mentality to be with someone who is both a provider and a disagreeable companion. Her reason for living purely towards experiencing what she had never experience for a long time, the same reason why 50% of marriages in america led to divorce. She wants you but like a drunk father with 3kids. They leave because they have long-term issues they don’t want us to be involved. Let het go clearly shes in one of those midlife crisis that cant be cured with love. When women resolves those issues after a month or years they comeback with a stable perspective in life and will not leave anymore

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