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  1. This video may be from last year, but the internet is forever and this video just helped me realize something about myself that I didnt realize or acknowledge before.

    I'm overweight. I don't like it and i'm constantly dieting or thinking of ways I can lose weight and get back to how I looked before. My motivation since High School and the beginning of Uni has evaporated and has left me with very little to work with.

    But I realized one of the reasons why I haven't dedicated myself to getting to a healthier weight is because I feel more approachable and less threatening to people (beautiful, average, etc) as a heavier person. I can be nice and helpful without making other people (mostly girls) suspicious of my intentions. But my mind is at war over it because I crave peer approval, which my brain thinks I have less lately of due to my increased weight.

    Anyway, now that this has come to the surface and I can face it, I can finally combat these thoughts and feelings and become a healthier and more confident person (eventually).

    Thanks Dodie 🙂

    PS: I'm a 2 (the helper) with wings 9 (the peacemaker) and 3 (the achiever, where the desire for validation comes from)

  2. i am a super duper jealous person too and I get everything you said in this video. actually made me feel alot better and made me think about something that really needed to be thought abt so thanks

  3. I thought of something. Dodie is right. When someone is, not alright, sick, sad, depressed, etc. You are there for them and want them to feel alright and people may be like "oh look at them, how kind and selfless they are." but it's not exactly that. You have a fear of losing someone you love and seeing someone not okay makes you scared. Knowing this is impossible to say someone is completely selfless because they want someone to be there for their need.

  4. I'm a 6 on the enneagram scale thing and I have a "wing" of 5, but the second on my list of ones that would fit was 4. I personally think 6w5 fits me because I don't trust at all or I trust too much and both give me anxiety.

  5. Did anyone else notice she got a text from Thomas Sanders saying “but yeah creative blocks are just the absolute best lol” poor little son was havin a creativity block 🙁

  6. I think it's somewhat ironic that this video that mentions having a phone addiction probably gets a lot of views from other addicts (like me) ! Interesting.

  7. So, the Perceiving as opposed to Judging function, I recently learned, by itself does NOT mean sporadic and unorganized. What it actually means is your second letter function (so for you intuition) is more dominant than your third letter function (so for you feeling). I'm also an xNxP (INFP). Because your perception function which in both of our cases deals with more abstract concepts, is more dominant than our judging function, which is how we judge and organize and prioritize our information, it just means it's more difficult for us to follow through on projects and keep things organized. It doesn't mean that we thrive in a chaotic environment or that we like not being able to organize or stick to a schedule. It just means doing so is more difficult for us and that we're more likely to fall into those patterns of disorganization. Doesn't mean we can't it just requires a little more effort. Sorry for the novel. I'm studying for my "psyc testing" exam and remembered you'd said this lol


  9. For those of you who feel the need to call Dodie "pathetic" and "immature", I wonder what it is really like to be so perfect like you, really? Because from what you're saying it makes it seem like you're absolutely perfect with no flaws. Except you do have flaws, we all do! And it is so rude that you don't know how to respect people the right way! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it! Why are you even here if you're going to just bash Dodie like that? Because actually YOU'RE the one who is just spreading hate!

  10. WOW. You overthink things the same way I do! (I suppose a lot of people do–I always forget.) I've gone in so many circles on the same topic of, "Are my actions towards others selfless or selfish because am I helping others to help them or to help me?" and on and on! Anyway, I'm so glad I'm not the only one questioning myself in this way–thanks, dodie! 🙂

  11. Hello dodie! Hope you’re having fun on tour! This is probably one of my favourite videos from you because I can relate to most of what you say. I am also a Four on the ennegram(and slightly a two, and an INFP)! I do desire greatly to be a kind, non-jealous, helpful, and amazing person. By desiring this so much, I have no idea who I am, and I create someone who i want to be and someone who I like. I want to leave a mark in the world.

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