21 Replies to “Confessions of racist white man married to a black woman#SYSBM”

  1. The whites go around the world enslaving, burning, invading and destroying everything in sight.
    The blacks lack simple common sense, motivation and sense of self awareness.
    These are not racist statements, they are clearly observable fact.

  2. I think what the guy in the letter is saying is he like Black Pussy, he doesn't necessarily like the female who the pussy is attached to. It's like when a guy fucks some chick they call a slut but never call them again. Hell even women do it.

  3. White men have had their chance to redeem themselves for too long now, they need to go. Every time a white man is castrated we are preventing yet another generation of tyranny spawning from his seed.

  4. Yeah , white men want to spend their whole lives with a woman they don't love only fulfill a racist hatred of rough sex for 15 minutes a day ??? Makes sense …lol …fake news …

  5. The wife doesn't know he is a racist like Halle Berry character in Monsters Ball. Only God knows if he is actually changing in genreal as he estranged from his family racist. However I hope his wife would find out because she needs to know about his dishonesty. He should leave he alone if he really cared for her feelings that much. I believe there is room for a change but it doesn't stop me from not trusting this deceptive racist fetish creep.

  6. Obviously that White guy was raised in a cave. A cave akin to Plato's Myth of the Cave and he has never been to the external world. For if he had, he would know that Black people are just as diverse as Whites.His ignorance is apparent.

  7. whatever, marrying the average black female is a health safety and welfare issue, most black females are not fit for marriage for most black females did not grow up with their fathers. And a women raised with no father is not and will not be fit for marriage

  8. All decent human beings hate thug culture. The fact that black America has by and in large claimed it for their own only confuses people into thinking it is indistinguishable from "black." African blacks know better, as do any decent thinking blacks (which there are a great many of).

    There are a great many whites who likewise embrace thug culture to their discredit. The difference is that the "white" community does not claim and defend it. Whites hate white thugs at least as much as black thugs, but many blacks are apologetic for black thugs.

    People who embrace thug culture as an outgrowth of the oppression narrative are the worst, just like any white militant thugs who respond to threats to their way of life with antagonism for another race/other races instead of judging every person according to the content of their character.

    Defense and offense are not that hard to tell apart. Those that offend are offensive. Those that defend are reasonable.

  9. Him thinking that most black people are the way they are doesn't mean he thinks the same about her. He just met a black girl who is different and that's what made him fall in love with her. He taught all black women were nasty but he actually was attracted to them but he couldn't have any of them because he was disgusted by their behavior. NOW, he met one who surprised them and he fell in love more than he would with a white girl because he found something that you can't find that often. It's like when you are digging a hole hoping to find gold but you know chances are you won't. Then you find it and you are so happy you will defend that with your life, because it's something rare. Don't be surprised by his way of reasoning. There are a lot of people like this. Even white people who have black friends who are different from the rest of black people and they are their best friends. They will share anything with them. It's because these people are not easy to find and it's awesome to know you can find something good in a pile of trash.

  10. It's funny how all the black men in this post praise white women and tear down black women but don't realize that even if your white girl not calling you a nigger it's more complex with them either you have money and she knows your gonna praise the ground she walks on or either she's over weight and white Men don't want her so she chose you …. my fience has never once called me out my name disrespected my race or treated me anything less then a queen so this doesn't apply to all black women also, how do we know this is even real ??

  11. omg this make me sick to my stomach!!! he does not deserve her she's a queen hes a pos!!! I'm a white girl, and not black but this is so insulting to her, and all of the black community!! I hate racist people and would love to punch the crap out of this man!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love is love. Period!No matter what color you have, its just pure love. My country have many different cultures and languages but we never got in trouble with skin color. Although nowadays, my country have seriously issues about religions Racist but in some place (mostly), those issues never disturbing us. We live peacefully in the same place, the same air and the same land. In my opinion, that case above is called KARMA. For foreign people it seems unbelievable. But if you live in Asia, that word infected us in many ways. If you spreads the weeds you will got the fruits, that's my country's quote. I hope no matter who you are, you are beautifully creatures in GOD'S eyes. And I always hope, no more racist in every aspect!

  13. I see these stupid comments, trying to complicate how he can be racist and be with a black woman. This is (pardon the unintended play on words) black/white thinking. The oversimplification of assuming a racist sees "black people" as a monolith is seeing racists as a monolith and assuming a lot about their thought process.
    How can feminists be in heterosexual relationships, then? They find someone who doesn't fit the stereotype or their idea of what "they" are like.
    George Carlin said "Think of how stupid the average person is; then realize half of them are stupider than that." Someone with very high intelligence might see "people" as stupid, so how would they ever have relationship? Easy! Find people who are outside the norm.
    The average IQ of black people in the US is about 85 and women tend to cluster around the mean. Obviously, there are outliers, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who are atypical and probably can't, themselves, relate to the average black person. I'm sure he feels much more at home interacting with astrophysicists and other scientists than he would visiting some relatives who live in a "predominately black neighborhood" (read: ghetto). He is actually married to a white woman, with a PhD in physics.
    Back to this white guy married to a black woman: From the quote, he is obviously not of high intelligence, so a woman with probably about an IQ of 85 would be an appropriate fit for him. Most other complaints about black women in general, is they are combative and "ratchet" (promiscuous and trashy). Depending on her upbringing and demeanor, her personality might not fit this norm. There is a YouTube channel Just Thinking Out Loud by an obviously intelligent, well-spoken, conservative Jamaican black woman. Obviously, she is NOT your average black woman, so it would be easy to understand why someone who generally doesn't like black women (or black people, in general) might really like her.

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