7 Replies to “Confessions Of A Pick-Up Artist [PUA]”

  1. Here is my question. If you are trying to buy time… wouldn't it make sense to try to act in a certain way that would seem favorable to some girls? Say for example… if a Latin or black guy approaches a blonde white American woman. That type of woman, depending on where she is from and where she lives etc, she is not used to interacting with guys outside of her bubble. In some cases, I have found they know nothing about men that aren't white and from the US.

    I think approaching those women for those type of men, it would make sense to adjust your behavior (even if indirect or direct on the open) to a more of a shy, reserved guy so they do not get scared away from the open. Then from there, you start opening up and showing more confidence and the like.

    What do you think?

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