22 Replies to “Confessions Of A Married Couple!!!”

  1. the mess point… I am the messy one too in my relationship… n my hubby is the one with the ocd… felt relieved to know that girls can be messy too ;-p… been married for 4 yrs now… it still feels yesterday… love your videos

  2. I had never used a "wiper" on the bathroom floor either, UNTIL I moved cities and my maid (first time employing one on my own!) demanded that I get one so that "at least" she can wipe the bathroom floor in the morning after I'm done showering!

  3. Sherry just curious to know how Vaibhav reacts when u see a film he's starred in . I just saw Love Breakup Zindagi n was like shocked to see him play a cameo n a serious one at that.

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