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  2. I get it…you the hoe remember remember marry the mother of Jesus was a hoe too …..the people said who is the father she said only God knows😅😂 she was a good hoe it seems

  3. Peace Youngblood I enjoyed your video me and you grew up in two different time periods and I have seen the same s*** you are seeing today long ago you got to understand one thing that the black man created this no good black woman she's only a reflection of us you say you don't know what black love is sit down get a blunt and listen to some old R&B black music and you will hear and see the glimpses of this love we have for this black woman you can't make music like that without love if you listen hard enough you would know how to love them see the message of love has been in our music our music today most of it it's f*** up move b** get out the way all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe I got love for the Coco Percocets Percocets all this retarded kind of music I can go on and on and on with this s**see we destroy black love when we become whoremongers so many of our kids are affected from the s***our daughters got daddy issues our sons are becoming homosexuals man we are all f**** up we got snakes and blood suckers everywhere amongst us most of us are attracted to the unreal your eyes are starting to open I remember a conscious sister told me that I was like a dog in a meat house and she was right I thank the Father that I did not have any kids in that whoremonger State of Mind because I wouldn't have been there for them a dead minded man don't know how to be a father a dead minded man don't even know how to love in this day and time it's so hard being a man because you got to deal with so much b***** and ugliness in this world and sometimes even from the people that you love when you respect your body you have respect for God's Temple a whoremonger have no respect for God's Temple(yourself your body) look at how we lost respect for marriage we get married and have no respect for you marriage vows many of us to f*** around and destroy our families I am not a Christian but I understood what Paul said it is better to burn than the commit adultery I thank you for opening your eyes that outer beauty ain't s***it expires with time the real beauty of woman is Within remember that…

  4. Yeah I remember when I was younger, girls used to don't give a shit about me bc I guess I have low self-esteem and I hang out with group of people that don't give a shit about woman, all they do is brag about fucking woman all day and used too make fun of me for getting rejected. And my "so-called friend" used too embarrassed 😩 in front of group of people for not hollering at girls. I hope that make you feel better, thats my confession I have.but im glad I moved on, I want to move forward in life.

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