19 Replies to “Confessions Of A Dive Instructor”

  1. Those who damage corals are either egocentric morons who don't give a F, or weren't instructed properly!
    If I was instructing, I'd make sure my students have mastered all buoyancy/trim techniques, in the pool, before taking them to a coral.

  2. I know an instructor who has logged thousands of very shallow 3.4.5. meter dives just to get her logged dives up so she looks like an extensively experienced diver ..I laugh when I see and hear people attest to her vast experience and knowledge because she is actually quite dangerous and teaches people to shallow breath so they can get out of the water with the maximum air in their tank..yea great instructor..this is only one of her many dangerous methods

  3. When people ask you with a glow in their eyes expecting a great story: whats the most impressive thing you've seen? Well one time while diving on a remote place i saw a great white shark wrestling with a giant Squid to death and they both got eaten by the prehistoric megalodon Shark 🤣

  4. I've seen some drill sergeant type instructors who have a terrible graduation rate, and it's not because they're insisting on quality — the ones that do pass are often not good divers, they're just the ones that put up with it. Their students are stressed out and unable to actually take in the info they're supposed to be teaching them because they're constantly just trying to figure out how to not make the instructor yell at them. How can you expect to learn if you're afraid to ask questions because the instructor will yell "you're asking that again! You should know this by now!"… on the second day of class.

  5. Mark, you have to invent a "Vegas" name for your out of town dive trips, unless you are the one who is in charge of the dive trip. In America there is a saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

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