41 Replies to “Confessions Of A Crack Addict! – The LanceScurv Show”

  1. Sick, disgusting. Women of all races choose wisely. Danger, diseases are at our doorsteps. As for me, I'm done. I'm 50, and have no problem being single until I die. It's safer.

  2. This interviewer is kinda pissin me off. He tryna exploit this man when it came to homosexuality. He kept manipulating him to go into details, after clearly seeing it made him uncomfortable. He was forcing him to talk about degrading himself as if it wld help other ppl- but its his delivery that pisses me off. He has a manipulative spirit. He know this man wants $ so he tryna make him go into details. Thats bs!!?

  3. What's tragic is that addicts are usually highly intelligent people. He was voted as Most Likely to Succeed. I hope that since this video was made he managed to turn his life around and achieve that.

  4. My brother, my brother.. Yes, you are a handsome man, Talented. Articulate, Honest and Brave to share your story with the masses. I'll love you till you're strong enough to love and value yourself and then I'll love you even more. I promise to keep You in my thoughts and prayers King. I have faith in you. ?? ?

  5. Great interview very unusual due to this highly stigmatized subject matter, the interviewer is experienced but very direct without patronizing or accepting any dishonest answers. Also his interview technique manages to level this unfortunate man with truth and 'his'story becomes ours . I admire his honesty , applaud his confessions and really hope his dreams and aspirations come true.

  6. He is an amazing talent, it is unsurprising that his spirit is so tormented. This is the case for the highly gifted, the extremely bright and creative minds… Something happened. I mean, the plunger… Something happened, I don't believe he's never been taken advantage of sexually.

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