4 Replies to “Confessions Of A Black Male Sex Addict”

  1. This is the problem and the moral downfall of our community. Black men and their sexual addictions and compulsions. We don’t go to therapy so we’re not represented there. It’s not that the struggle is any less for black women, it’s that black men cope with depression by chasing sex. They don’t hold themselves accountable for the damage they cause either. And I’m sick of it. Black women are supposed to help black men grow up, be strong, face reality and become ethical, employable human beings. And what they pay black women back with is more lying, more cheating and more blaming for everything that is wrong with them. And when they want to humiliate a black woman to the max they date white women solely on the basis of her being white. I’m not against interracial dating. I just say date who you like for the right reasons not an ego trip. And when a black male rapes one of our own we don’t want to deal with it for fear that our own sins will be exposed. I’m so sick of this.

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